Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Being a Graduate Wife

I am the wife of a Graduate student.

My husband is getting his PhD in Environmental and Molecular Toxicology.  He is (finger's crossed) almost done.  I am hoping he gets done by June of 2012.  I really want him to walk in the graduation ceremony OSU does every June.

Sometimes having a spouse in graduate school is really nice.

- He can set his own hours sometimes which means he can help me get ready in the morning, be home about when I am, and go to almost all of my doctor's appointments with me.

But sometimes it really sucks.

- Deadlines which HAVE to be met and are usually completely unreasonable so my husband has to leave me and go to campus on a Sunday night until Monday morning.

Oh wait... that JUST HAPPENED!

So even though he didn't want to, Phil had to leave his patheticly tired and neck-cramped wife to fend for herself for the entire night.

Seeing as I was too tired to move, I managed to get the energy to grab my credit card and order pizza.  I am more than amazed that I was able to do that and didn't just eat a bowl of cereal (which I was seriously considering).

In case you were wondering, Phil came home at 2 in the morning just to switch the cars.  He woke me up, gave me a few kisses and left again.  :(  Also sad... I couldn't fall back asleep for an hour and a half, which really didn't help the overwhelming tiredness I have currently been experiencing.

Phil felt really bad.  But I am not even the tiniest bit upset with him.  I remember Graduate School.  It blows.

The life of a Graduate Wife...

I am counting down the days until June.

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  1. I am currently experiencing the same thing with my husband. Such a bummer, but makes me so glad I am done (for now!).


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