Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Saturday, I had a meeting at the office all morning.  I woke up that morning with my neck and shoulders aching intensely.  Pretty strong pain.  Not turn my head kind of pain.  I spent a good 30 minutes during the meeting trying to stretch out my neck.

While I was stretching out my neck, I thought to myself, "Maybe it is stress.  I mean... it has been a tough week."

A week spent on the phone, contacting this doctor and that doctor.  Updating everyone.  Trying to keep calm and cope with the idea that I may have cancer.  Trying to not think about the fact that I would need surgery and that the cancer may have spread.  Tough week.

Then I thought, "Well the week before that I found out I had cancer.  That was really hard.  So I guess it has been a rough 2 weeks."

Then I realized, "The week before that I was trying to get the biopsy rescheduled and I actually had the biopsy.  It's been a hard 3 weeks."

Finally it dawned on me, "The week before that was when the first biopsy was supposed to happen and got cancelled.  4 weeks.  Basically a month.  It has been a really hard month."

No wonder my neck hurts.

Plus I am not really sleeping well at all.

I am tired.

I am seriously considering getting a massage.

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  1. You absolutely deserve a massage! Go, right now!


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