Friday, December 16, 2011

Ten Little Things, 2nd edition

Elizabeth with E Tells Tales is doing another link up.  Since last weeks was a bunch of fun, I decided to give it a shot again.  Make sure you read all 10 because the BEST is the last one.  Hopefully this becomes a regular thing.

10.  I wanted to go to the gym last night, but I ended up having to have more bloodwork done and my blood pressure was pretty low (and since I am anxious this is even more impressive), so we bagged it.  Later last night, Phil and I were talking about how the dog has gained some weight (she has gained 1/10th of her body weight in 6 months).  Phil mentioned that he was giving her less dog food to help her lose weight.  The dog immediately looked at me and her look said, "I'm not the only one that could lose some weight."  Then I swear her next look finished it off with, "Fatty."  So I am now getting guilt trips from my dog.

9.  It just so happens that Phil's parents will be in town when I have my surgery.  And because I figure there will be a fair amount of laying around and resting on my agenda for during their visit, I know we will be hanging out at home a lot.  In our living room we have a sofa, a loveseat, and a recliner.  Since I will be sprawled out across the sofa, I have recently been worried about where Phil and his parents will sit.  Two people really don't sit well on the loveseat, so we could be his mom on the loveseat.  And then his dad could sit on the recliner, but what about Phil?  Will he sit on the floor?  Or maybe I should lay across the loveseat?

Bottom line... WHO CARES?  They won't care.  Definitely one of the dumbest things to worry about.

8.  My sister-in-law informed me that my youngest nephews, Jacob and David, are looking forward to my surgery (since the surgery will help make me better).  They have a countdown going.  She told me today they said, "Only 9 days 'til Christmas!!  And only 11 days until Aunt Natalie's surgery!!"  How cute is that?

7.  The gym got new aerobic equipment last month and I was a little too excited about it.  Based on the schematic they had displayed in the gym, it looked like they were going to have individual televisions in them which meant I wouldn't have to watch the Food Network while I worked out.

Side Note:  Why do so many people like to watch the Food Network while they work out?  It is ALWAYS on when I go to the gym.  It reminds me of the scene in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, where they use the piece of cookie to get the ant to walk.  It is weird.

Anyway, I was wrong about the equipment.  No TVs.  But they do have little fans in them, which is nice.  Helps drown out the excessive perfume stench that follows some people.  Is it really necessary to wear a bottle of perfume to the gym?  The answer is no.

6.  Speaking of ants, we have been having a little problem with ants at the office.  This is kind of to be expected:  in the lunch room, when you leave some food on your desk, near the candy dish.  The one place you don't expect to have an ant problem?  THE BATHROOM.  There is nothing like finishing peeing, standing up and seeing a sugar ant crawling on the toilet seat.

I now have peeing references in both of my lists.

5.  Eventually, one of these lists is going to be reasons Tim Riggins is amazing.  I could come up with 10 reasons... EASY.

4.  Phil told me today that he has to go to Las Vegas in January to speak about some of the work he has been doing for the Mint Growers.  I am so proud of him that all of this work he has been doing is paying off.  Also, I am thinking it is an excellent excuse for me to go to Vegas.  He'll need emotional support, right?

3.  I have a hard time listening to people eat when I am not eating.  When Phil has a snack or if I finish eating first, I have to constantly remind myself that it is stupid to get made at him for eating.  I have an inner dialogue with myself saying, "Phil deserves to eat.  Phil deserves to eat."  Usually this works.  One of my co-workers was telling me that her husband also hates listening to people eat.  It drives him nuts too (Thank goodness because now I know I am not totally crazy-cakes).  I told her about my inner-dialogue.  She then told her husband.  And now apparently when he finishes eating, he says, "My family deserves to eat.  My family deserves to eat."  They laugh.  No one gets yelled at.  It works.  Happy meal times.

2.   The dog has an infected nail and has to take antibiotics three times a day for a week.  Since the pills are big and she isn't stupid, we have to hide the pills in food to get her to take them.  Her food of choice is cheese.  So basically, the dog is getting half a slice of packed cheese 3 times a day.  This should really help with that extra weight she is putting on.  Plus by the end of the week, she will expect cheese the morning, when we get home, and before bed.

1.  I saved the best for last.

I had an appointment with the endocrinologist this afternoon before my surgery.  I wasn't too nervous about the appointment because, as I told Phil before we went, there really wasn't anything new she could tell me.  When the doctor comes in, she starts talking to me about how brave I have been and that she has talked with the surgeon about me.  She starts to describe my surgery and she keeps referencing the side of my neck where there are no nodules.  Ned and Naomi are on the right, not the left.  I'll just give a play by play for you:

Endo:  She [the surgeon] will remove the left lobe of the thyroid.

Me:  Why the left?  My nodules are on the right.

Endo:  No you have a large nodule on the left.

Me: {trying to stay calm} No they have always been on the right.

Endo:  No.  My notes here say you have a 4 cm nodule on the left lobe.  Let me get the ultrasound to show you.  {Shuffles through papers}  See... Nodule.

Me:  {Starting to freak out now}  Why are we just NOW talking about this then?!?!

Endo:  Well let's do another ultrasound to double check.

So I get on the exam table.

Endo:  You first ultrasound says you have a 4 cm nodule.

Me:  I don't think you are looking at my chart.  I don't think that is my name on the ultrasound pictures.

Endo:  Oh... You are right.  I'm sorry.

Needless to say it really instilled a lot of confidence.  I thought for sure after I got cancer, my doctor would learn my name.  I gave her a pretty hard time about it the rest of the appointment, you know... after she looked at MY chart.  She later confirmed with me that I would have to come see her every 3 months for basically the rest of my life.  Here's how that went:

Endo:  We will get to know each other very well.

Me:  Yes.  I'm NATALIE.

We all laughed.  I'm a little terrified.

Seriously, she is SUPER highly recommended so I am not too concerned.  I just might wear a name tag at my next appointment.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Thanks for hosting the link-up E!!


  1. Okay first of all I too share your hatred for the food network at the gym... it should be banned.

    Secondly, wow doctor wow... seriously? Glad she came highly recommended but seriously get your shit straight!

  2. #9--- I vote that you take the couch! You just had surgery!!!

  3. I love that you were worried about where people would sit. That is totally something I would do! Remodel the whole room just so everyone could be comfortable :)

    Please tell me you wore your name tag to your next appointment. that would be hilarious!

  4. Hi! I'm visiting from the recommendation of a mutual friend...Dwija from House Unseen! I'm so glad she recommended a visit. From the moment, I saw your blog, I knew I could relate to you. See, I'm a Southern girl, and my husband is from Northern California (almost Oregon), so I could definitely relate to your "about me" section.

    I laughed out loud about you not liking the sound of people eating. I need to start practicing your inner-dialogue trick when my hubby does something I can't stand.

    And wow! I can't believe your doctor did that. I guess we all make mistakes but WOW. The nametag is a definite must for your next appointment!


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