Friday, December 9, 2011

Ten Little Things

Today I am linking up with E Tells Tales for her Friday Ten Little Ivie Things.  Elizabeth is HILARIOUS (I love someone who narrates their baby's thoughts with almost curse words), so I figured some of the lists other people post should be pretty funny too.

I have decided my list will be made up of random thoughts from throughout this past week.  All of which are too short for a blog post of their own.

{I just like this picture.  Image via my pinterest}

10.  I am in love with Friday Night Lights.  I finially finished the series on Netflix this past week and rather than move on to a new show, I just started it over again.  I love the show so much I had this conversation with Phil:

Me:  I think I thought of another baby name.

[Side note:  I'm not pregnant]

Phil:  Oh yeah?

Me:  Yeah.  I want to name our baby Tim Riggins.

Phil:  {no reaction}

Me:  First name Tim.  Middle name Riggins.  Therefore, Tim Riggins Janney.

Phil:  Sure.  Sounds good!

Me:  Or maybe if I ever get pregnant, we will refer to the unborn baby as "Baby Tim Riggins."  Do you think people will think that is weird.

Phil:  They probably will.

Me:  Whatevs.

I love Tim Riggins.  Not so much the actor though.  I saw him in one of the X-Men movies and it totally shattered the illusion.

9.  I saw a junior-high kid walking to school yesterday.  He was carrying a musical intrument.  While I was waiting for him to cross the street, I figured out what the instrument was... the bassoon.  I am 94% confident about this.  How do I know?  I play the bassoon.  And just in case you were wondering... I am quite good.

8.  I have a mental countdown to my surgery date.  And everything in my mind is relative to when I have my surgery.  Like Christmas?  I know that Christmas is 16 days away.  But the reason I know that is because my surgery is 18 days away.  I am thinking about making a paper chain.  Remember those?  (I am not really making a paper chain.)  I can't wait to get Ned and Noami out of my neck.  How awesome would it be to find out I don't have cancer?  I'd take that over a puppy.

7.  On sunday, I got my flu shot and on tuesday I got my bloodwork done for my surgery.  Both happened in my right arm (because I am left-handed).  I now think my right arm hates me.

6. Tuesday night, I had a meeting in Albany. I know you are jealous. My boss, aka mi pater (that's Latin folks), is on a committee that is working on a comprehensive plan for an undeveloped area in South Albany. He (and I since I keep going to the meetings) represent a client of ours who owns about half of the property in the area. Basically, it is our job to represent his interests in what happens to the area (aka make sure the entire area isn't dedicated to be a natural wildlife reserve which he can never develop).

I've now lost ALL of my readers.

The meeting invited the community to come and voice their opinions about what they envisioned for this area of town. Should their be a coffee shop here? Maybe some duplexes here? Light industrial or commercial development here?

And suddenly I realized...

We were all playing SimCity. Only now in real life.

I loved that game in the 7th grade. It was addicting. No wonder so many people showed up.

5.  Part of my pre-surgery bloodwork was a urine pregnancy test.  When I showed up to the lab, they informed me that my (two forms of) insurance may not cover the costs of the tests, and then I would be billed for costs.  They then told me the costs of the tests.  The urine pregnancy test was something like $26.  I seriously wanted to ask them if I could walk across the street to the Walgreens and buy a First Response Test or something.  It would be cheaper and I would have gotten like 3 of them.

The process of retrieving the urine sample was not super enjoyable either.  The previous patient had left their sample in the bathroom (gross).  There was "water" all over the floor.  At least I hope it was water.  There were liquid rings on the top of the toilet paper dispenser, as in people had put their filled cups there while they finished their business (also gross).  Pretty sure the floor was the cleanest thing in there.

That was probably an overshare.  Sorry people.

4.  Yesterday, I got to the office and realized I was wearing my black coat, navy blue pants, and camel colored Ugg slippers.  Definitely a fashion fail.  Did I mention I was wearing flannel as well?

3.  Last week, my mom told Jeffrey the truth about Santa. 

His friends at school kept telling him there was no Santa, so Jeffrey wanted to borrow my parents video camera to record Santa's antics on Christmas Eve.  That way he would have proof to show his friends.  Personally, I thought it was a genius idea.  My mom decided she couldn't lie to him.  She wanted him to believe her about other things like God and she was worried if she lied to him, he wouldn't believe her about other things.  Makes sense.

He cried.  And then he told her he wished she wouldn't have told him.  And he was mad at her the rest of the night.

Doesn't that break your heart?

At least my mom told him weeks before Christmas.  She told me 4 DAYS before Christmas.  And the only reason they told me is because my parents were going to buy the "Santa Gift" for my brothers and they had to bring me along with them.  I was like 10, so it was probably about time.

When I tell my kids about Santa, I am going to do it THIS way.

2.  I feel like I really belong in the blogging community now... I ordered a print off of etsy.  The artist's shop is called Lady Hue.  I also ordered her Christmas album.  She and her husband recorded the album in their bathroom.  It shipped yesterday!  I am so excited to get it.  The print is going up in my office.

1.  I got some comfy flannel pajamas on Black Friday to wear after my surgery.  They look warm, but not too heavy and have plenty of room around the neck.  Because I bought them for my surgery, I kind of feel like I shouldn't wear them before that.  I think this is proof that my mom was very strict about not wearing school clothes before the first day of school.  It would probably be ok if I wore my pajamas prior to my surgery.

Alright, I did it!  I won't lie... it was hard coming up with 10 things.  Hopefully some of you stuck around to read all 10.  :)


  1. Ick! When I was pregnant with Everett and had to give pee samples there would ALWAYS be someone else's waiting in the rotating door. Disgusting.

    And I'm 99% sure that the Christmas lights picture at the top of this post is of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Fun! I love that street.

  2. WHY is someone else's urine sample still there?! That is disgusting.

  3. oh man, you are funny.

    love the info about you playing the bassoon.

    and as for the urine test - sucky. I live in the city and my ob's office has so many patients cycle through that there is a dedicated table for all of the waiting urine samples. and now I have over shared.

    and if you are over sharing, then you most definitely belong to the blogging community. welcome.

  4. Ok first you are so funny!!!

    Second I am a female engineer as well...

    Third I love the name TIm RIggins for your future baby...I am on the forth season of FNL right now!!!

  5. Aw, that is the most heart breaking story! I don't think I ever believed in Santa, to tell you the truth. I actually spilled the beans to my sister and got in trouble for that one :)


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