Monday, December 19, 2011

Can we get a little honesty?

I have a lot to do this week at work.  Being gone the week after Christmas (and possibly longer) and being one of 2 engineers at the office... I have some deadlines I have to meet before Christmas.  Plus, I want to take Friday afternoon off.  :)

So Saturday, I bit the bullet and went to work.  I got my desk cleaned off and got some work done.  I took a small break during the day and decided to hop on Facebook.

That was kind of a mistake.

After seeing YET ANOTHER person post pictures of their pregnant belly and brag about "how amazing" the past year has been, I was hit with overwhelming feelings of how unfair things can be (and kind of have been).

And what doesn't help when dealing with hard times is having everyone else brag about how great things are.  I am not saying we should all have a pity party, but a little honesty would be nice.  I have a hard time believing that life is sunshine and unicorns for so many people.  What I think is more likely is that people like to pretend like life is so great.  We couldn't possibly be vulnerable enough to show others that our lives are anything but perfect, could we?

After 6 hours, I went home.  It was 3:30 and I was ready for bed.  But Phil had an excellent plan for pulling me out of me sad state.

1.  Burger Basket
It is greasy and delicious.  Brings back lots of memories (like eating it in 1996 when we had to evacuate our house because of the flood).  Also noteworthy here... it was 4:30.  We eat with senior citizens.

{By the way, I am totally aware that using food to lift my spirits makes me sound like a Biggest Loser contestant.  Whatever it worked}

2.  We tried to finish our Christmas shopping (came so close).

3.  Came home and started watching Gettysburg, folded laundry, Phil worked, and I wrapped presents.

4.  I bought the dog some Christmas pajamas from Target.  She looked so cute.  How could this not cheer you up?

It worked.  I went to bed feeling positive and lifted back up. 

And I have this guy to thank for it:

While this year has been hard, things with this guy are still REALLY good.  I am more than thankful for that.

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  1. I totally agree with you -- it always makes me wonder if those people live in any state of reality.
    But on another note...Burger Basket is pretty much always guaranteed to cheer any one up! :)


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