Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving this year was, understandably so, a little weird.  Phil and I had cancelled our trip to Georgia and decided we would make dinner here for my parents and Jeffrey.  It was the second time I had made Thanksgiving diner myself (the first time was in England with Emory).  It turned out great, if I do say so myself.

After dinner, we all went over to the craft store to pick up a new fake tree for Phil and I as well as some lawn Christmas decorations for my parents.  They were having quite the sale.  I can easily say it was the first time any of us had some any shopping ON Thanksgiving.  Maybe a new interesting tradition?  Who knows.

Then we decorated our Christmas tree... on Thanksgiving night.  The only way I sold this to Phil is that TECHNICALLY we had already eaten dinner and dessert so we could consider Thanksgiving over.  Plus I had just found out I had cancer, so I got a little more leeway to do what I wanted.

I have added a few more things to the tree since I took this picture.  Phil says it looks like a professional tree decorator did our tree.  :)  Smart man. 

I used the banner I had made for Tegan's Bridal Shower, twisted some lights with it and draped it across the curtain rods.  I think it looks really cute.  I think I will finish the other banner like it I had started.

I still have a little more decorating to do, but we will see if I get the motivation to do it.  :)

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