Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm losing it

I am a little ball of anxiety.  Waiting for things is hard.  Waiting for this surgery is really hard.  It is less than 2 weeks away, but it feels like time is slowing down.

I am doing my best to keep myself busy and to enjoy the Christmas season.  And while this is my FAVORITE time of year, even that has been hard.  I don't have a lot of stuff on my schedule and everyone is busy/sick (seriously why is everyone getting sick lately?).

I am doing my best to keep myself sane and focused.  Here are a few things that last night helped keep my anxiety level down to a 4 (out of 10):

{my view from the couch}

{Crocheting.  This helps a lot.}

{I got my print and Christmas CD from Hue & Hum!  I am so excited!!  I have the CD playing now as I write this.  The print is called "It's Not Fair" and it was inspired by friends of the artist who have been dealing with infertility.  Too relateable}

And just for clarification, I was not given the print or the CD as a sponsorship type this.  I bought them.  I like to keep it old school.  :)

I am hoping to keep myself nice and calm today so I can be SUPER productive.  We will see.

Stay healthy, people.

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  1. I'm not sick! Want to go paint some pottery like the good old days?


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