Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Surgery Day

It is the morning of my surgery.  My surgery isn't scheduled until 2:30 this afternoon, so I have been spending my morning packing an overnight bag (just in case I end up having to stay at the hospital tonight), preparing the house for when I get home, and doing my best to not accidentally drink something (which is much harder than you would think).

One of our pastors is coming over before we leave for OHSU to pray with me and I am hoping that helps calm my nerves.  And this morning people have been sending me messages and prayers which has been helping too.

Side Note:  Why is it when you know you can't eat or drink, your mouth starts watering like crazy?  I swear I have produced more saliva this morning than any other day in my life.

Anyway... if you feel like it today, please say a prayer for me today.  I am praying for a safe and easy surgery, a good recovery, and benign test results.  That would honestly be the best gift ever.

I am so ready to be rid of Ned and Naomi and get this thyroid stuff behind me.  It seems crazy to me that it has taken almost 6 months to get to this point.

Thanks guys!  I will try to update you guys as much as possible.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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