Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PROOF I am not totally crazy (at least not about this)

I read a lot of blogs.  The other day, I read THIS POST on Lauren's blog called Aspiring Kennedy.  She talked about an article a friend of her's posted regarding being annoyed by the sound of other people eating.

I read the article and feel a little vindicated.  I'M NOT ALONE!

For YEARS, I have been really bothered by the sounds of people eating.  I dated a guy for a month or so and the relationship may or not have ended after I had dinner with his family and told him they eat like cattle.  Seriously they did though.  The whole meal, the entire family talked with their mouths totally open and chewed like cows chewing their chum.  It was disgusting. (SIDE NOTE: that same guy later snapped his fingers and me and told me "COME HERE!" like I was his dog.  That went over real well.)

I HAVE to eat with noise in the background.  It helps drown out the sound of people chewing.

It is better for me if I am eating at the same time.  But if I am not eating and I can hear you eating, it drives me nuts.  Phil is starting to learn that he needs to be as far away from me as possible while eating.  I try to give him a break by telling myself that Phil deserves to eat and drink but it doesn't work very well.

Ice chewing is not allowed.  Ever.

It also extends to people clearing their throats.  My office mate does this ALL THE TIME!!!  Some days I have to leave the office because he does it so much.  The rest of the office thinks it is pretty funny.  It won't be funny when I start yelling at him one day.  That day is coming.  Between every other word in the morning, he clears his throat.  And not a soft throat clearing.  We are talking SUPER LOUD.  He also does it when he answers/uses the phone.  Imagine picking up the phone and having someone hack into your ear.

I am aware that this post is extremely random.  But I thought I would share my pain with everyone.  And let you all know that I am not making it up.

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  1. I am in COMPLETE agreeance with you! So gross! :)


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