Friday, September 23, 2011


I am SO GLAD it is Friday.  Not that is has been a particularly bad week or anything, but Friday nights are my favorite time of the week.  I think it stems from when I was a little girl. 

Every other week, my siblings would all be with their other parents, leaving me alone with both of mine.  Because some of my siblings were quite the handful, this usually meant Friday nights were a time to unwind a bit.  My parents would take me out to dinner, maybe a movie, and then I could come home and watch TGIF ALL BY MYSELF!! 

Remember TGIF?  Full House, Boy Meets World, Step by Step.  That was the shiz.

Phil is knee deep in lab work right now, leaving me to my own devices (which is very sad).  But I am trying to fill my time productively, doing things that would never include Phil (such as sewing).  So tonight, thanks partly to Pinterest, I am embarking on a few projects I have had my eye on for a while.

Hopefully they will all turn out and I will be able to share them with you very soon (like this weekend or Monday).

AND today is the first day of Fall... only the best season of them all.  (A little Dr. Suess-like rhyming action for you.)  I fully intend on celebrating this by heading to EZ Orchards tomorrow for some apples the size of my head, squash, and apple cider.

{I am fairly positive this image is courtesy of Ryan Weinhart via his facebook page.  I like it so I STOLE it.}

I am pretty sure I have already devoted an entire post to my love for Fridays in the past...  Oh well.  Fridays deserve another tribute.  Sometime I will have to share my distain for the Tuesdays.

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  1. Now let's not forget the awesome-ness of Family Matters & Steve Urkel! ;)


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