Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Denver

So get this...

Phil left after Tegan's wedding to attend a conference in Denver.  After I pick him up from the airport last night (minus any squirrel deaths), he tells me this story:

Phil decided to take the bus from the airport to a stop near his hotel.  He gets off and crosses the pedestrian bridge that leads to his hotel and another hotel next to his, The Knights Hotel.  As Phil is walking towards the lobby entrance to his hotel, he notices a cop car in front of the Knights Hotel.  The cop is out of the car and there is a lump of something on the ground in front of him.

"Interesting," Phil thinks to himself.

Then Phil takes a closer look... The lump on the ground is a person.  And the cop has his gun drawn... pointing at the person on the ground.

"That's unusual," is Phil's next thought.

Then, two police cars, sirens blaring speed to the Knights Hotel, coming to a screeching stop.  The officer from the first car jumps out of his car, gun drawn running to the other officer yelling things.  The second officer runs around to the back of his car and opens his trunk.

The second officer turns to Phil, "What are you doing?  Get the hell out of here!" as he pulls a semi-automatic assault weapon out of the trunk of his car.

Phil, who is trying to just walk into the lobby of his hotel, decides to book it around the back side of the hotel to find the back entrance.  Obviously, something pretty serious is going on at the Knights Hotel.

As Phil walks around his hotel, he sees that the Knights Hotel is completely surrounding by Police and Police vehicles.

Phil gets inside.  Goes to his room (which was a whole saga in and of itself.  Let's just say, Phil thoroughly checked the bed for bed bugs and stains if you catch my drift), and locks every dead bolt available.  At this point, Phil decided he was going to limit his time at the hotel.

The next day, Phil learns that there had been a domestic assault at the Knights Hotel.  A passerby (I think) saw this assault taking place and tried to stop it.  The person doing the assaulting had a gun, turned to the person trying to stop it and shot him.  Also, the murderer fled the scene in a white suburban (OJ Style as I like to call it).  Phil isn't sure they have caught him yet.

That is what Phil walked upon when he got to his hotel.  The Police were responding to a murder.

My husbands hotel was next to a murder scene.

He decided to not tell me this until after he got home.  Probably a good choice.

I have decided he is NEVER leaving me again.

P.S - Today at least 2 of my facebook friends mentioned they are going to Denver.  Weird.  Be careful!

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