Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm boring

Phil and I should be on our way to JMU about now, so I thought I would share a recent revelation with you:

I am kind of boring.

It used to be that I was able to be a source of entertainment when in a group of people.  And I would consider the internet to be a large group of people.  During grad school, my friends used to joke at get togethers that they would bring the food/booze and I would bring the entertainment (me).

And that comment was made with a very non-stripper context.

Personally, I think I am still QUITE interesting and entertaining.  But the types of stories/life experiences I have to pull from have changed dramatically.

See... I had a very interesting dating life in my single days.  I don't even think I dated that many people, it is just that so many strange/weird/interesting things happened on those dates. 
Once Phil and I started dating, the interesting/weird dating stories pretty much came to a halt.  Nobody wanted to hear about the super mushy, lovey-dovey type stuff.  Plus I am Norwegian.  My people don't do public displays of affection.

I have thought about sharing some of my interesting dating stories on this blog...

Like the time a guy called me a "naughty girl" before our first (and basically last) kiss.

Or the time a guy snapped his fingers at me and told me to "COME HERE!" like you would a dog.

But I don't think I will.

Afterall, my Mother-in-Law reads this.  Not my actual mother.  She has told me blogs are stupid.

(Hi Faith)

Now back to my kind of boring life.


  1. Man....I FEEL YOU! Majorly....I am boring as well! Maybe thats why we have so much fun together!

  2. oh weird. I saw a post about your vaca in my reader and came to comment but now its gone!

    Hope everything is going ok!!

    Happy you got away with your hubby!!! :)


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