Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Engineering and TV

I think engineering gets a bad wrap.  Part of it is because most people don't really understand what civil engineers do.  Almost everytime I tell someone I am a civil engineer, they immediately ask what exactly civil engineers do.

"What is an easy way to fix this problem?" you ask.  Easy...


Clearly the problem comes because there is no television show (reality or fictional) for engineering.  There's no Desperate Engineers, The Real Engineers of Portland, Grey's Engineering.  Such a television show, sadly, does not exist.  (yet)

If there were, the world would see just how exciting and sexy the world of engineering can truly be.  That's right... I said sexy.  Not for me though because I work with my family.  But I am sure for some people, office romance ensues.  (Side Note: We had a couple of employees that dated.  They tried to "hide" it for the longest time.  It was pretty obvious though.)

As an example of the exciting nature of engineering, if my week were being broadcast to the world, everyone would get to watch as I madly write, calculate, and erase to determine the appropriate retaining wall geometry that fits the design parameters while minimizing the amount of excavation and concrete required. 

You're intrigued already. 

The world would also see how when I finised said calculations I stood up, threw down my pencil and yelled, "NAILED IT! WOO!" while doing some fist-pump hand gestures and then a little dance.

But sadly the world did not get to see that.

And no... you can't find it on YouTube.

Maybe someday.  In the meantime, go ahead and watch one of the 17 shows about rich housewives, the Kardashians, or New Jersey.  Ridiculous.

(Give me a call Bravo)

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