Friday, September 16, 2011


Believe me, I have them.  Lots of them.  So many that I actually think Phil is a saint for putting up with me most of the time.  But lately, I have noticed a few flaws that are GLARING back at me.  Here are a few.

1)  I completely suck at replying to correspondance
I have known this for some time.  In June I sent an email to the Young Professional group in my area, asking for more information about the group.  I was promptly replied to asking if I wanted to be added to the mailing list.  Of course I did.  I just needed to reply and let them know.  YESTERDAY I finally replied.  Yesterday people.  It took less than a minute to reply and it took me 3 months to do it.  Ridiculous.

I have been meaning to e-mail Karla back for about 3 weeks.  Actually, I have wanted to write her a novel of an e-mail for a while.  That girl and I have some catching up to do.  It sucks when one of your best friends lives on the other side of the country.  Karla, if you are reading this... expect a long one.

2)  I am horrible with downloading pictures.
I admire those people that take pictures and then IMMEDIATELY go home and download them to their computers.  I still have pictures from our honeymoon I haven't downloaded.  That is pretty pathetic folks.  I have pictures of the projects I have worked on, trips, recipes, photography... all things I have wanted to share that are just sitting on my cameras.  I like to wait until I have like 900 pictures to sort through before I get to it.

3)  When I get bummed out about something, I get totally lazy.
You can tell pretty quickly when I am feeling blue.  Here are the order in which things get dropped:
1.  Working Out
2.  Folding Laundry/Laundry in general
3.  Cleaning
4.  Cooking
5.  Showering
I'm not going to sugar-coat it people, I am getting pretty far down on that list.  It has been suggested to me that I MAKE myself do these activites in an effort cheer myself up.  Hopefully this weekend I can get back up to where making JUST working out isn't happening.  I did go to the grocery store last night, so I think that is a good sign.

4)  I LOVE The Konditerai.
It is a cake shop in Salem and it is amazing.  I mean seriously... look at that cake.  No worries, I shared this piece with Phil.

Ok I kind of think 4 flaws is enough to point out for now.  Now back to my second Pumpking Spice Latte this week.  I needed it people.  Afterall, I am Vitamin D deficient.

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  1. I find nothing wrong with #4, and even shudder at the thought of it being referenced as a "flaw." ;)

    But I'm with you about the list of things dropped when feeling blue...pretty darn close to my list!


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