Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cuddly Puppy

Cleaning was tough for Cotton.

He wanted to be right in the thick of things, which was really inconvenient.  So he took it pretty hard when we put the baby gate up to keep him away from the nursery.  And he took it even harder when he had to be locked in his crate so we could make multiple trips with furniture up and down the stairs.

He didn't get his cuddles in.  And he decided at 3 AM on Sunday morning that he needed his cuddles.  It didn't go over well.

He's not getting on the bed to cuddle at 3 in the morning.  Not happening.

But he took full advantage of our morning cuddling at 7 AM.

I can't remember the last time he was so cuddly.  He ran over to my pillow, curled up, rested his head across my neck, and slept that way for at least 30 minutes.

It melted my heart.

And I realized while we were cuddling that if my puppy can make my heart melt this much, I'm going to turn to goo when our little boy is here.  Absolute goo.


  1. Oh goodness! Too cute! Poor little man..he missed his mama.

  2. That second pic is just so adorable, he sure looks like a big kid, sure he's not a human in dog form :-) you will have to double your cuddle time once baby boy arrives!

  3. Just wait until you're cuddling both of them at the same time!!! :o)
    Btw, have you been reading on how to introduce the pooches to the baby? People were always asking us what we were going to do with Trudy and if we were going to keep her outside. It was like, uh, no. She's not getting evicted! She's a part of the family too! We just made sure to have lots of new toys and bones to give to her. It helped that first week when I was nursing and she wanted to play but our attention was on the baby. They providing a nice little distraction :o) She's so good with the baby though and I have a feeling that your pups will be too! It's such a cool little relationship to watch form :o)

  4. You're the second pregnant person I've heard say their dog has been extra needy in the middle of the night (this week)...world's longest run-on sentence. He's probably just trying to show baby who is cuddle-boss. Could be worse ;)

  5. Love your blog! Just discovered it :) we got our yellow lab puppy when I was 4 mons pregnant w my (first) baby...
    I definitely projected all my mothering/nesting/nurturing hormones into that little pup...
    and yes, it is UNREAL how differently you adore your child. Like - night and day. :)


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