Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nursery Checklist

I think nesting has officially kicked in.  Now that the nursery is cleaned out, I REALLY want to get it put together.  Here's a list of the things I want to get done for the nursery.

Nursery To-Do List:

-  Clean out Nursery

-  Put furniture on Craig's List

-  Pick Nursery color

-  Paint Nursery

-  Put together nursery furniture

-  Make Baby's Quilt

-  Make Chenille Baby Blanket

-  Crochet baby booties

-  Make Mobile

-  Crochet baby hat

-  Make cover for cradle pad

-  Make Car Seat Cover

My goal is to get most of this list done before my baby shower in the beginning of March.  I figure, at that point I will be 31 weeks and don't need to be spending time hunched over my sewing machine.  And since we don't have Sunday to do much of anything, this pretty much means you'll find me in the sewing room during all my free time.

There are a few projects I still want to get done after the baby shower, like making some wall art and hanging things up on the walls, etc.  But I figure those things will be more manageable when I am a little... bigger.

I just need to make sure I fit in time for my husband, pups, and sleeping at the same time (and cooking, cleaning, and laundry).  No big deal.

Phil painted the samples on the walls Monday night.  After looking at them at night and with sunlight, I am 95% sure we have picked a paint color.

The baby quilt is ALMOST done!  So so close.  All it will take to finish it is one evening with enough energy to concentrate and I think I can finish it.  I'm not super in love with it, but Phil is.

I bought a few patterns for the baby booties and have kind of muddled my way through each of them.  Then I tried them on my cousin's 3 month old and discovered they were TOO SMALL.  I'm so glad I know that before I made a bunch of them.  Looks like I will be making the next size up.


  1. ah. that checklist makes me feel kindddd of guilty for Sebastian's "room" to consist of a pack n play in the guest room. You're already outdoing me BIG TIME.

  2. New follower to your blog. What an exciting time! I can't wait to be prepping myself! I love how organize you are. :)


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