Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

I've heard about pregnancy brain, but really hadn't had any experience with it.  I was starting to think that maybe I would get through the whole pregnancy without getting forgetful.

I mean, I had my moments of walking into a room and forgetting why I had gone there.  But it wasn't really anything crazy.

Then this morning, I scurry out the door to head to the office.  I was running a little behind, so I needed to get going.  I put my phone in my coat pocket.  I even remembered to grab my bluetooth (stupid Oregon hands-free law).  I picked up my lunch, said good bye to Phil and the dogs and got in the car.

I got to work, just a few minutes late when I realized that I forgot to finish putting my make-up on.  I had managed to put on my eye make-up, but totally forget foundation, powder, etc.  Not sure how that happened, since I have a pretty well developed routine.  Whatever, I thought to myself.  I'll just put on some of the powder I have in my purse.

I walked to my desk and reached for my purse to put my keys away when I realized... I didn't have my purse.  And it wasn't that I forgot it in the car.  I forgot it at home.  How the heck did I walk off and forget my purse?

I guess I officially had a pregnancy brain morning.  At least I remembered the REALLY important things like putting on pants.

If it makes you feel any better, I am spending the day designing buildings.  No big deal.  Don't worry... I always check things like three times.


  1. :-) Yep, sounds like pregnancy brain, one the weirdest ever. I would take my deodorant for hair spray and put the hair spray in the fridge, the weirdest stuff ever, luckily i never forgot my purse LOL

  2. HA! I wondered if it was true too and it TOTALLY is. I had one day where I lost my keys three times. It was baffling!

  3. PS - I tagged you for the Liebster Award today :o) Check out my blog for the deets: http://the-jordan-journal.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-liebster-award.html

  4. I KNOW what you mean. I'm so forgetful these days! Oh well! What can you do?

  5. I totally had it while pregnant with my daughter! I hate to to be the bearer of bad news ... But it turns into mom brain!! Haha - we are never going to be normal again! At least we have an excuse.

    Found your blog this morning - new follower! Congrats on the baby!!!


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