Wednesday, February 27, 2013

They're In Love

So far in their relationship, Taylor has just tolerated Cotton.

Sure she will play with him from time to time.  When the mood strikes her.  But overall, she just does her best to put up with him.

Last week, she went through a few days where she was just being a real bitch.  Every time he'd come close to her, she'd immediately snap and bark at him.  The poor guy could barely get a cuddle session in to save his life.  And we all know what playing hard to get does to the boys... makes 'em try even harder.

And try he sure did.

We were starting to get worried she might actually do some damage to the poor guy.

And then Saturday morning rolled around.  We had the whole gang on the bed for a little cuddle session (since Phil spent the day painting and I spent it sewing, we knew they needed some love) and Cotton, of course, made his move over towards Taylor.  Phil and I were a little nervous because we knew any potential fight between these two would most likely result in bodily harm to one or both of us (ever have a 40 pound job suddenly jump on you?  It doesn't feel great).

Cotton slowly army crawled over to her and began licking her ears.  Profusely.  Usually Taylor, looks totally disgusted when he starts doing this.  But this time, she kind of laid her head back and started kind of purring from her chest.  I'm pretty sure she even closed her eyes at one point.  When he stopped for a couple of seconds, she lifted her head and very gently licked his nose.

This kind of affection is unheard of.

She then laid her head back down as he put his head on her chest, and they cuddled.

I think their relationship might be going to the next level, if you catch my drift.

Not sure how I feel about this...


  1. My boys often do that too. The little guy will be such a jerk, and the bigger one will be a woose.. then they love each other.

    oh pups!

  2. So sweet, these two always melt my heart :-)

  3. Awww, true puppy love! Sounds like Cotton's got game!

  4. hwne we got our second dog (kimbia), our first dog (kip) only tolerated kimbia and it took him a good year to warm up to her, now they will play fight and kimbia and kip sometimes curl up together finally. i love that photo of cotton and taylor, so sweet!


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