Thursday, February 21, 2013

Belly Dancing

For some reason, Baby Janney decided he wanted to have a dance party at work.  I didn't object.  His kicks aren't uncomfortable and I like to think that he's doing his best to let his momma know that he's healthy and just trying to say hello.

Throughout the day, I try to let Phil know just how active his little boy is being.  I know he likes these updates.  And so when the little man started getting crazy, I decided he needed to witness the action firsthand.

Please excuse the dog hair on my shirt.  There seems to be dog hair on absolutely everything I own (stupid puppy coat just won't finish falling out).  And ignore my coworkers in the background.

12 and a half weeks still to go.  Things are going to get real crazy when he gets even bigger.


  1. so fun! i'm just starting to see my belly move when liam gives one of his bigger kicks or punches...i love it so much! i like to think he is just saying hello too :)

  2. AWWWW!!!! I love it!!! Just wait until he's here - you'll be able to recognize some of those moves. It's so crazy!

    Btw, I have dog hair on everything I wear. I seriously go through so many of those little rolly sticks and they still never fully do the trick!


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