Monday, February 11, 2013

Iron Tablets

Oh geez... I can't really explain how frustrated I have been over the last few days over iron tablets.

I had my glucose test Wednesday which meant they also checked me for anemia.

Here's what I will say about the glucose test... it really wasn't that big of a deal.  As someone who has had stomach tests done in the past (aka I've had to swallow barium), swallowed radioactive iodine, and been on the stupid low-iodine diet, drinking the glucose didn't bother me.  More than anything, the volume and time limit were difficult.

I passed my glucose test (cue sigh of relief).

But I'm anemic.  And that really wasn't a shock to me.  I tested anemic at my first appointment and have been taking special iron-laced prenatals ever since.  Plus, I've been REALLY tired.  I'm sure I have alluded to it a little on the blog, but for the most part I have tried my best to not complain too much.

When we were struggling to get pregnant and then forced to put baby plans on hold, I really struggled reading other women complain about their pregnancy symptoms.  Honestly, I still REALLY struggle hearing pregnant women complain.  I want to reach through the computer screen, grab them and yell, "You're so lucky to be pregnant!!  Stop complaining!!"  I know pregnancy isn't always comfortable and some women have it worse than others.  But all the aches and pains are so worth it.  This pregnancy and baby have been such a blessing and awakening for Phil and I.  So I do my best to not complain too much.

But I won't lie... I've been REALLY tired.  I knew it couldn't be normal pregnancy exhaustion.  It had to be thyroid/anemia related.

So I was kind of relieved when they called Thursday to tell me I was anemic and that they had sent in a prescription for some iron tablets.  I was ready to start taking them IMMEDIATELY since I knew that meant I would feel better soon-ish.

However, these iron pills are apparently like gold.  And they are more than impossible to get filled.  I've been running back and forth between pharmacies to try and get it filled.  I literally want to burst into tears.  I feel like they are holding these dang things hostage... my ticket to feeling better.

Cross your fingers I get my iron tablets soon.  Or I may cry.  Baby Janney wants his red blood cells.

Phil now understands why I stock-pile my thyroid pills.  I refuse to go a single day without one of those bad boys.


  1. Take blood builder!!

    I'm always dangerously anemic and they are so much easier on your digestive system. My OB was amazed at how my count went up so so fast!

    1. i was going to link to grace's post about blood builder! (bc i'm a crazy non-preggo mommy blog reader?!) but she beat me to it! :)

  2. I took an OTC slow release iron pill that was supposedly just like the prescription iron pill after I was told I was anemic. The OTC was what the Dr. recommended actually. Would you be able to take that instead?! I was given the choice.

  3. Good luck with the iron pills. I hope they come soon and help!

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