Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't Get Me Sick

Everyone at my office is sick.  Even Phil was sick last week.

There are maybe 3 of us in the office that are not.

I hesitate to say this... but I am currently not sick.  Oh man it needs to stay that way.

I think it is partially because I am sucking down fluids like it's my second job, eating more vitamin C than my body could possibly need, and going to bed at like 9 every night.  And my excessive water drinking makes me go to the bathroom almost hourly, meaning my hands get washed A TON.

But I am starting to wonder if I should just be working from home.  Since all the sick people who should be home being sick are at work being sick, maybe that means the healthy people should be home?  I don't know, the logic makes sense to me.

It is a constant symphony of coughing, sneezing and sniffling around here.  I'm almost afraid to take deep breaths.  My cubemate has a cough that sounds like Gollum.  At least every minute, one of our drafters starts hacking up a lung.  My boss sneezes like 6 times in a row.  All of their kids are sick with Influenza B and have been passing it around to each other.  It's like a cesspool of viruses.

The other day, some of my coworkers opened up a bag of chips and a jar of salsa and offered to share it with me.  Thanks but no thanks.  I'm staying 5 feet away from communal areas for the next 2 weeks.

Who am I kidding... the only reason I decided to not work from home today was because we are getting Padington's Pizza for lunch today (individual ones.  There's no way I'm sharing communal food with these people right now).  And I can almost NEVER turn down Padington's.

In case you aren't blessed to know what Padington's looks like, here it is:

Tell me that not worth risking illness for.


  1. that pizza looks sooooooo good!

  2. Know the feeling! stay well :)

  3. Girl I am the same way with sick people. We have every right to be...if we get sick, we're down for the count without any real medicine to help.

  4. Nothing makes me crazier than when people come to work sick. Once, someone brought their sick kid to work because day care wouldn't take him BECAUSE HE WAS SICK. So naturally, you bring them to your office, right? I immediately went to Target and bought every germ killing cleaning product available on the company credit card.

  5. I work in a cancer center and people are not supposed to come to work sick. Unfortunately, TOO MANY of them think "oh well I don't work in the clinic, so it's okay". I've thus far avoided the office plague that has been going around. I really hope people get a clue and stop coming in sick!!

    I hope your pizza was delicious - I hear pineapple has a lot of vitamin C ;)

  6. Yikes! I so know the feeling. Being preggo in the winter with the flu being a huge news story made me ultra paranoid. I was constantly washing my hands and whipping out that hand sanitizer when I couldn't. And since McCartney's been born we've stayed pretty hole up here in the house because of flu season. Every time I would run to the grocery store I felt like I encountered zombie people. I could only imagine that if I had her with me I would have turned into that crazy mom who is yelling at the coughing people to stay away from her baby.
    Anyway, hope you stay well!!!

    Oh, and that pizza looks amazing!

  7. wow, yum!

    i just finally caught the virus that's going around...ugh. i've been so anal about wiping down every surface with lysol wipes. hopefully this doesn't affect bebe stud!

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