Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Since Taylor was adopted, Phil never really knew her actual birth date.  He did, however, know her approximate age.  So he decided that her birthday would be Valentine's Day.

Happy Birthday to our "favorite" (since she is so much better behaved than Cotton).  She's 6 years old.

She's the best dog we could ask for.  She knows exactly where to go when we ask, is happy to see you but also gives us space, is playful but not high maintenance, and is so well behaved that we almost never have to worry about her behavior.

She's actually such a good dog that people keep offering to take her from us.

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

Here's to many MANY more birthdays (cause I have forbidden her to ever die.  I'll be an absolute mess).


  1. aww what a sweetheart! happy birthday to your favorite! ;)

  2. TAYLOR! i have been meaning to comment on this to say happy birthday to our "favorite" :) also i have been meaning to RSVP to a certain something but also keep forgetting to do that too. oops :)


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