Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome home Cotton!

To say that I was excited to get Cotton would be a bit of an understatement.  It honestly felt like it would never happen.

I felt like I was in a world of waiting.  For a long time I was waiting for a baby.  That didn't happen.  I was waiting for my nodules to get resolved.  Two surgeries and a little oral chemotherapy later, that took longer and a lot more work than I would have liked.  And now here I am waiting to be cleared to have a baby again.

That wait will likely continue until next April.  Maybe next October to get my hormones right for that according to my current endo.

So when we had to wait so long for the puppy, I just didn't know if I could handle it.

When Lincoln and his littermates died, we really didn't have another prospect for a puppy for a long time.  More waiting.

I had a hard time really believing that Cotton would ever be coming home with us.  A lot of the details about bringing him home were unclear for a long time (the trouble with working with people sometimes), even after the puppy visit.

But he's home now. 

{Showing off his weiner again}

I may or may not have cried on the car ride home with him.  I had started singing and Cotton, who was asleep, woke up, looked at me, and laid his head on my chest.  Staring at me the whole time.  Then he fell asleep.  Ok yeah I cried.

And despite the fact that we had a rough Tuesday night (he decided he wanted to be a little hellion), the last four days have been the first time I have been really excited and relaxed in a year and a half.

Welcome home Cotton.  Momma loves you.  You were just what I needed.


  1. He is so freaking sweet!
    Yay for new puppies :)

  2. Oh that stinking Cotton.
    Oh that stinking story.
    Oh your heart, it's so good and kind.

  3. This lil guy just made my day, he is so freaking cute! Happy for you :)


  4. He is so adorable! Absolutely precious! I've been wanting a dog for so long but it seems things keep getting in the way. So glad that you've got something to be so excited about :)

  5. He is ADORABLE! Congratulations, mama. There will always be days when they're hellions and make you wonder what you were thinking (my pup is almost 6 and we still have 'em), but their love and affection far outweigh it. Have fun with your new little guy!

  6. YAY! I'm so glad you have Cotton home!
    Bringing home a new pup is so exciting!!!

  7. He is ADORABLE! Congrats. :) We just got a puppy last year and I tell you, he was (still is) so much work, but he's so worth it!!

  8. gah. you just made me cry! cotton, you are amazing and you are one lucky dog to have such an amazing mom.
    my goodness I love this post!!

  9. I seriously want to say "Awww!" every time I see a photo of him! :D


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