Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Skin Check CHECK

Yesterday morning I had my annual skin check.

Since I haven't had the best experiences at the doctors office this past year, I have some anxiety about these "checks".  After all, the whole point of them is to make sure you don't have anything wrong with you.

Last year, it was the whole bug bite turned "we don't think its lymphoma" saga.  That was right before the nodule was found.

This year I wanted to make sure he knew about all my moles.  And that included one on my boob.  So I got to flash my dermatologist.  Good times.

And nothing says GOOD MORNING like having someone look between your butt cheeks.

Once again, I had the important decision of what underwear to wear.  Very important decision.  Here's what I had to pick between this time:

Option #1:  Black underwear that says "Hello There" across the butt.

Option #2:  Underwear with blue whales on them.

Option #3:  Grey boyshorts with neon pink polka dots.

Here's what I have really learned... I have the underwear selection of a 17 year-old.


  1. i'm coming over. and we're going to talk about your underwear options. i would like some with whales on them. and i want to meet cotton. aka i want to steal cotton while you are working.

  2. I think this may be why I choose to not wear underwear. Just throwing that out there...

  3. LOL, I have to second Angie above. ;)

  4. I have a pair with penguins on them. I think that's even less than at 17 year old.

  5. haha thanks for making me laugh this morning! :) Question though why does a skin check involve looking between your butt cheeks?! lol I've never heard of this!

  6. This made for a chuckle. As long as its no things I support you 100 percent. I also know about the checks. I had skin cancer removed from under the boob from the tanning bed. It was torture so I learned my lesson on that check thing. Hope all went well.

  7. I would have worn long johns just to be funny. Not that I own any, but my best friend does.. ask her if you don't believe me.. thedirtlife.blogspot.com

    This looks like a spam comment now... GREAT. All i need is a FOLLOW ME BACK!? then you would come to my blog and I wouldn't speak English and it would be a nightmare.


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