Saturday, March 17, 2012


Thursday, I had a mole removed on the back of my leg (upper thigh).  Just a precaution.  Hopefully everything will come back normal.

Anyway, getting stuff removed from the back of the leg is kind of awkward.  This spot is right next to where I had the bug bite removed last summer, so I am used to the awkwardness.  Plus the PA doing it was a man and the nurse assisting him is Russian Orthodox.  And even though that shouldn't matter, it made me feel even more awkward.

I knew I would have to be pants-less, laying on my stomach, with my butt in the air.  This meant one thing:  I would need to be careful about my underwear choice.

Last weekend, we did literally all of our laundry, but I haven't folded any of it, so my choices for underwear were limited.  I wanted to make sure I had on full coverage underwear.  That gave me two choices:

1)  Purple leopard print


2)  Bright blue underwear that had "Give a Little, Get a Lot" across the butt

I thought the purple leopard was a little more appropriate.  More professional, if you will.

It ended up not mattering.  The nurse did an excellent job of making sure my long top was covering my butt the entire time.

Phil said this was another example of how I should have bought the St. Patrick's themed thong we saw near the check out at the grocery store.  You know... to be in the holiday spirit.  He's so helpful sometimes.


  1. Haha oh man I wasn't expecting the thong part but it made me laugh :)

  2. Haha! I Gotta go get one removed from my very lower back next week! I have already started thinking about the underwear im gonna wear:)!

  3. Ooo, super awkward. I'm so glad your nurse did such a good job of keeping you decent though! I had to laugh at your underwear choices though. I think underwear that says *anything* is pretty much out for doctor's visits, eh? Hope everything comes back okay with that mole!!

  4. That is so funny! Loved it! Glad you were 'safe' :)

  5. That's hilarious. There's something ridiculous about worrying what you wear to the doctor's but somehow we all still do it! Hope it comes back clear.

  6. Bwa ha haaaaa! Too funny! Hope the mole stays precautionary! :)


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