Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twitter Family Reunion

My cousins are awesome.  I am sure I have mentioned it before.  Currently, they are all students at Oregon State University getting smart in all kinds of wonderful things.  Because they are young and I am older and wiser, I offered some dating advice for them a while back.

That's what older cousins are for.

Lindsay just got a twitter account and she and I had the following HILARIOUS (at least to me) conversation the other night:

Me:  I've noticed you have a thing for cats:

Lindsay:  That is the best thing I've ever seen!  Except that the kitty eyes would be on my boobs...

Me:  Oh would that make you uncomfortable?

Lindsay:  Not at all.  I'd have a kitten and that's all that matters!

Me:  You wouldn't be able to say, "Excuse me my eyes are up HERE!"

Lindsay:  As long as nobody tries to pet my cat shirt.

Me:  Only if you want them to.

Linsday:  I'll try that at the next blood drive.

{Kitty shirt from HERE}

She's a riot.  And a ginger.  The two things might be related, I don't know.

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  1. i want to get that shirt.
    and i want to wear it at saturday market this weekend.
    all the fun people come out for that!
    xx jes

  2. I think that conversation pretty funny too. Not sure how I feel about the kitty shirt though. It kind of scares me.

  3. That reminds me of the 80s...I think I had a cat shirt. It might have been a sweatshirt. With glitter.

    Stopping by from the Not Mommy Hop :)

  4. I love Twitter conversations. They always prove to be such fun.

    Also stopping by from the Not Mommy Hop. (:

  5. Hehehe, weird and funny as most twitter conversations :) The last one I had finished with something like ..."yeah! let's shoot them!" Hmm..!


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