Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm sure you can tell, but I have been having a difficult time lately.  So many things have been up in the air and I do a whole heck of a lot better when things are planned.  I like having plans.  I like knowing when things will happen.  And since nothing has been going smoothly, my patience (which I already don't have much of) is wearing even thinner.

Seriously... why can't this cancer stuff go smoothly?  How hard is it for someone to put the schedule together?  And how hard is it to make sure that the schedule gets sent out?  UGH!


We have some fun and exciting stuff to look forward, but it is still kind of far off.  Far off enough to almost be MORE depressing because I am pretty sure time is moving backwards.  I need something to look forward to RIGHT NOW.

Which is why I have decided to make a conscious effort to find something to look forward to EACH DAY.

Last night, it was putting together my chalkboard and watching Dance Moms.

Today it is finding out, one way or another, if my RAI treatment will be in April.  And the Hawaiian food I had for lunch.  And getting to see my nephews tonight.

Tomorrow... Well I am not sure about tomorrow, but I will figure something out.

You get the picture.

That along with lots of DEEP breaths and reminders like this:

{image from HERE}

{image from HERE}

{image from HERE}


  1. Someday this pain will be useful. SO TRUE! I love this. Hold onto this dear.

    When does treatment start?


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