Friday, March 9, 2012

Zebra Glasses

I went to my follow-up appointment with my eye doctor yesterday morning.  Let me just say... I think when your doctor requires a follow-up appointment, you shouldn't have to pay a co-pay.  My surgeon didn't.  Of course, visiting the surgeon will end up costing me a whole lot more than $25.

But I digress.

While waiting for the assistant to call me back, a little old lady came and sit down right next to me.  She proceeded to tell me about the type of frames she likes to pick out and the type of bi-focal she has.  I tried to convince her that she would look good with some zebra pattern frames. 

{zebra glasses from HERE}

After a few minutes of this she said, "I'm telling you this so you will know for the future to get better bi-focals."

My mom has this amazing ability to get people to tell her their life story without even having to say a word.  It happens everywhere.  The grocery store.  Church.  It happened while we were waiting for the tram last week.  And we usually joke that she has her bartender's glass out.  When the little old lady started telling me all about her glasses, I got kind of excited.  I think I may have inherited this peculiar trait. 

Being a female engineer, I think I tend to give off a "don't mess with me" vibe.  I guess I didn't today.

The little old lady made my morning.

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  1. Oldies do make life more interesting & fun at times!! :)
    PS -- I "tagged" you in a post


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