Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Endo fun

{This is how Phil and I relax... Duck Tales and candle light.}

This morning was my follow-up appointment with my endocronologist.  It was a regular riot of fun.

The [new] murse (male nurse) went to weigh me and moved the 50 lb marker PAST my weight to which I said, "Oh no you did not!" in a joking voice.  He turned a bright shade of red.  Then he took my blood pressure which was 110/70 which is a little high for me.  When my mom pointed that out, the murse said, "It is probably because I overweighed you." 

Yes.  Yes it is.

Then the doctor came in.  After I confirmed that she was actually talking about me and looking at my chart, I began asking her the 21 questions I had prepared for the appointment.  I literally asked her 21 questions.  No joke.  Plus Phil and my mom had some questions for her as well.  I got my moneys worth out of that co-pay.

At one point, she examined my neck and said, "Your neck feels totally normal."  There's a phrase I haven't heard in a while.

And because my brain is in a massive fog thanks to inadequate thyroid hormones, I still can't recall about half of the appointment.

Here's the jist I think:

- In a couple of weeks, I will stop my thyroid meds and begin the low-iodine diet with hopes to have my radioactive iodine treatment in the third week of April.  Low iodine diet = eating like a rabbit.
-  The full-body scan will be a week after that.  Another scan a year after that.
-  Then she is giving me lots of thyroid hormones.  The good ones.  The kind that should help with the mental fog and maybe even allow me to lose some weight.
-  No babies for even longer than we originally thought.

A fun fact about radioactive iodine:  If I need to fly within 4 weeks of my RAI treatment, I will need a special letter from my doctor because I will set off the alarms at the airport.  TSA will consider me a safety threat.  That could make for a very uncomfortable security screening (if you catch my drift).

Since it looks like I will be on the low iodine diet sooner than we originally thought, Phil and I spent some time tonight looking over recipes of things to make in advance.  So far, we know we will be making low iodine ketchup, almond milk (which I always wondered how to make), hummus, and bread.

I never thought I'd be making my own ketchup.

But I do love me some ketchup.

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