Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Low Iodine Lunch

I am now 1 week into my low-iodine diet.  1 week down, 4 to go.

Today one of my coworkers told me, "If I were on that diet, I would totally cheat."  Well that would be completely counter-productive.  I'm not doing this because it is fun or to lose weight (although I'd better lose some dang weight).  And just a reminder:  for normal healthy people, iodine is very important.

Lunch is by far the hardest meal of the day for me.  Breakfast is fairly easy... Some egg whites with veggies and hash browns plus a fruit smoothie (read: pureed fruit and ice).  I save all my meat and grains for dinner, but that makes lunch a little tricky.

Last week I tried no-salt peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on low-iodine bread.  But the peanut butter doesn't taste like normal peanut butter (it tastes like peanut butter in England) and my low-iodine bread is getting a little dry.

So here it is... my lunch:

Carrots and yellow peppers with homemade hummus.  No-salt white corn tortilla chips with homemade guacomole.  Apples and a banana.  I am pretty sure my daily recommended 9 fruits and veggies are all right there.  My dinner tonight will be veggie-less.  I am such a rebel.

It isn't half bad except for the fact that it takes FOREVER to eat enough veggies to be full.  I might try to keep this up when my diet is over.  But I'll probably add some things.  Like bread.  And cheese.  And cookies.  And lasagna.

Now I'm drowling.


  1. You can certain types of tortilla chips!? Whaaaa!! That's a great diet if you ask me!!

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!

  3. yay for oregon bloggers!!! tegan sent me over here when i told her that i didn't know of any other bloggers in portland.
    looking forward to following!
    xx jes


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