Friday, March 2, 2012

Follow Friday

Hollie is doing a link-up for Follow Friday and since I like making new friends, I decided I would join in on the par-tay.  Since I am hoping to meet some new people here, I think I would give you a little introduction to my little place here in the internet.

So... Hello!  My name is Natalie aka Mrs. Janney.  My husband, Phil and I have been married for a little under 2 years (or 636 days according to the app on my phone). 

I started this blog shortly after we got married to chronicle some of our married shenanigans.  You see... funny things just happen to me.  Like ridiculous things that shouldn't happen to people... they happen to me. 

Like noticing this:

Or having strange conversations with people, including my husband.  Like the time I got yelled at by a strange woman in the hair salon.  Or when my husband made sure I knew I wasn't as bad as a grizzly bear.
And a couple of years ago, I bought an entry-level DSLR camera, so OF COURSE I am practically a professional.

Since I usually forget to bring my fancy-pants camera places, I heavily rely on my iPhone and apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram.  And by heavily rely on, I mean completely and totally abuse.  I think my husband has gotten used to me pulling out my phone at awkward times to take pictures "for the blog, baby."

Sometimes I post recipes

Sometimes I post my craft projects (like the baby blankets I make or the baby/bridal showers I have thrown). 

Often, I post about my nephews because I don't have any children and they are HILARIOUS.

And I post about our dog, Taylor too.

Not all of our adventures are fun or funny.  Shortly after we got married, my husband's father was diagnosed with Liver Cancer.  His liver ruptured unexpectantly, which ironically most likely extended his life tremendously.  If dealing with a sick parent weren't enough, my husband is trying to finish his PhD in Toxicology and I am a part-owner of an engineering firm (during a struggling economy).

In an effort to bring some joy into our lives, we decided we wanted to try and start a family.  After trying for a while, we found out we were fertilly challenged.  Just as we were about to start moving forward with a fertility clinic (which I haven't really blogged about yet and have been meaning to do), we found out I was growing twins in my neck.  And by twins, I mean thyroid nodules.  While most nodules end up being nothing, this is me we are talking about so OF COURSE it ended up being thyroid cancer.

We got that initial diagnoses 2 days before Thanksgiving.  I had my first surgery 2 days after Christmas.  And my second (and hopefully final) surgery was on Valentine's Day.

So that get's talked about here too.

Also... you can find me on Twitter at @MrsNJanney.  I haven't put that on my blog yet, so I have like 5 followers.  Basically, if you follow me, you'll pretty much make my day.

That's pretty much most of it.  Let me know if you are here from Hollie's place.  I am always on the look out for new reading material.  :)  Come again soon!


  1. wow you have quite the story. amazing & couragous.

  2. Hi, found your lovely blog via #FF.
    Great post, nice to get to know you. I hope you are well and truly better now.
    New follower :)

  3. Found you over on Hollie's. Love this little introduction to your blog...sounds like you certainly have quite a few stories to tell! Will definitely be checking back to catch up on your latest posts. Wishing you the best of luck for your health and happiness.

  4. this is such a great intro. it makes me want to do something similar. i love the variety of topics you post on, it makes it so fun and interesting. xo


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