Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm a little tired this morning.

Ok that's a lie.  I'm VERY tired this morning.

Cotton woke up 3 times in the middle of the night last night.  2:30.  3:40. 5:30.

And then when I slept longer than I should have, it was a mad dash to get showered, ready for work, Cotton fed, Cotton's bladder and bowels empty, Cotton's crate ready, and get Cotton in the crate.  Did I mention we have another dog too?  Yeah Taylor is a piece of cake.

The good news is that I am a little too tired to stress about this week.  I've got 2 doctor's appointments this week.  One is my annual exam, which really shouldn't be a big deal.  I have never been nervous to have one done.  Honestly, they really never bothered me.  Are they fun? No.  But no big deal.  Until last year.  And now I find myself VERY anxious about all medical appointments.

I have a feeling when I see the nurse and she asks me about my cancer (which she will), I will burst into tears.  I kind of feel like I should say something to her.  Perhaps a "thank you" for finding my nodules while they were still so small?  I know it is her job, but I'm so glad she does her job well.  Even thinking about it makes me a little emotional.

My second doctor's appointment this week is to see a new endocrinologist!!  I called their office last Friday to check on any cancellations and they had one for A MONTH sooner than my appointment.  YAY!!  I really hope this endo is a better fit for me.  Not sure I can handle going back to the one I have now.  I'm going to give myself a heartache just for these follow-up appointments.  Pretty sure that isn't ideal.

Also, today Phil's dad goes in for a scan to see if the treatement he had done is working for the tumors in his liver.  And we REALLY want this scan to be good.  If you want to throw out a prayer for Phil's dad, I'm good with that.  :)

For now, I will leave you with a super cute picture of Cotton at the park yesterday.  We had the small dog park to ourselves while Taylor played with some big guys.  And I am going to get another cup (or 7) of coffee.


  1. Oh my he is too cute!! I am NOT looking forward to the lack of sleep and getting up 324923 times a night. Best wishes and prayers for Phil's dad and good luck with the dr. apts!

  2. Hi, Cotton.
    Pack your stuff. And Taylor's.
    Your mom said you could come over.

  3. I give you permission to cry. Not that you needed it.

    Seeing how many times Cotton woke up makes me think.. "maybe I don't want cotton after all?"


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