Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Recap

-  The comments you guys left yesterday were very nice.  Basically, you all are awesome.  The lesson I learned:  if you want lots of comments, talk about getting your woo-ha looked at.  That's all I have to say about that.

-  And my fear about my appointment on Wednesday is completely offset by my excitement about my appointment today.  Seriously... who gets excited about seeing the endocrinologist?

Me.  That's who.

But I think everyone can sympathize with having a less than steller experience at a doctor's office.  And since this is a doctor that controls how I feel, how my body functions, and helps make sure my cancer doesn't come back/catches it early, it is kind of an important doctor to like.

-  One more thing... this doctor will play a very large role in our ability to try to have a baby.  You read that right.  For some of us, it takes more than 2 people to make a baby.  Romantic, yes?  I figure I am doing my brother and sister-in-law a favor: when their kids ask where babies come from, they can honestly say with a straight face, "From the doctor."

-  Remember the woman with the bubbles last week?  I'm not even joking, a day later Phil and I saw a woman riding in a rascal scooter down the sidewalk reading.  As in she wasn't paying attention to where she was going, she was really into her book.

-  A man in Oregon just got treated for having the plague.  The plague?  I didn't even know that existed anymore.  You want to know how he got it?  He was bitten by a stray cat.  So now not only do you need to worry about rabies when you get bitten by a stray animal, you can toss the plague in there as well. (I'm officially afraid of your cats Shannon.)

-  I feel like a weirdo sometimes because I find myself praying for other bloggers, which are people that I don't know.  But then I realize that is one of the cool things about blogging... being there for someone when they need you, even if you don't know them.  Jesus would be proud.

-  I want to make THIS this weekend.  I bought the berries, so I'm ready.

-  Cotton went from 10:30 Wednesday night to 3:00 Thursday morning without peeing!  That means I got 4 whole hours of uninterupted sleep.  I feel like a new woman.

-  Karla asked me for things to do/see in Oregon (one of her friends is honeymooning out here) and after I gave her the list I realized how awesome Oregon is.  As if I needed to be reminded.  Here's a short list of what I came up with:

Oregon coast, Tillamook Cheese Factory, Seaside, The Pelican Pub, Breweries in Portland, Wine Tasting in the Newberg area, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Smith Rock, Bend, Sunriver, Multnomah Falls, Silver Falls, Shellburg Falls, Pittock mansion

There are so many more.  Like the Shakespeare Festival.  Lost Lake.  Ok I need to stop listing these things.

-  Speaking of Oregon, we finally got summer.  Only like a month and a half after the rest of the country, but whatever.  While my allergic-to-the-sun-super-white-pasty skin isn't happy about the gobs of sunscreen I have had to slather on, my Vitamin D levels are loving it.  And so is the rest of me.

-  Last but not least... Guess who got his first bath?

That's what happens when you urinate on yourself, just for the record.  I'll bathe you.  Please don't come over and pee on yourself.  It will be awkward.
Ok this has officially been the most boring random recap ever.  The pictures of Cotton totally saved it.


  1. Oh sweet, sweet Cotton! Hooray for a long chunk of dry time at night! I don't miss those puppy days (well, puppy nights I should say) at all. We all earn our "Good Doggy Parent" badges, that's for sure :-). I hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!

  2. His fluffy head is so cute! When I asked my mom where babies come from, she said "hospitals" and I was very satisfied with that answer.

  3. He is so cute!!! I love puppy faces. I'm glad he is adjusting and going a little longer without peeing. It will get easier. Plus, how can you be mad at that sweet mug?

  4. baha. I could not get past "get your woo-ha looked at".

    oh but I did look at the pictures. :) bath time?! Yay!

  5. THAT COTTON. i can't wait to squeeze his face and watch him attack you during witching hour.

  6. LOL, babies come "from the doctor" Good one lady, good one! ;)

    Have a fab weekend!


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