Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stress and Botox

As I'm writing this, it is Tuesday night and currently Cotton's "witching hour" as we like to call it.

He's terrorizing Taylor to the point where she finally snaps at him, but then he keeps taunting her and she just runs away.  Kind of making it worse.  Good times.  Not totally sure how you make one dog be less of a pushover, but I'm pretty sure once he is bigger, she'll have no problem putting him in his place.  She's too nice for her own good.

I'm not.

Between the no sleep, doctor's appointments, and drama with Phil's dad... this week has been stressful.  While Cotton is quite a good boy for most of the day, I do not look forward to his witching hour.  It's ok.  It won't last forever. 

Phil's dad had some complications which included some kind of bacteria escaping from his liver.  He got a fever and uncontrollable shakes, which he felt didn't exactly need to be reported to the hospital right away.  Being on the other side of the country causes a little bit of stress for us especially when we hear that he is having symptoms that something is wrong and won't call the hospital.  Parents.

Phil had a decent talk with his dad Tuesday night, where he explained to him that we don't nag him to be annoying.  We just want him to live.  Novel concept, I know.

Anyway... in an effort to cope with that stress and the general anxiety I have about my upcoming appointments, I am doing my best to "self-sooth".  Apparently I have no stinkin' idea how to do this.  But I am going to try and get up early, take my time getting ready, have a nice bowl of cereal, get something tasty to drink from Starbucks, and take deep breaths while I wait for my lady parts to get checked out.

Hopefully Phil will take me out to dinner afterwards.  Or at least pour me a glass of wine.  :)

We'll get through the week.  And hopefully this weekend will be filled with naps.

On a completely unrelated note, I went to a "spa night" at my dermatologist's office.  I was by far the youngest person there and didn't win a single thing.  No Botox for me.  I think it was rigged.

It's all good... I don't need Botox anyway.  With my health luck, I would end up getting Botulism from it.


  1. I am 24 years old and I ALREADY have frown lines between my brows. I am all aboard the botox train for those.

  2. Ha! I love this- his "witching" hour.

  3. Oh man, I hope this week goes okay for you! A glass of wine sounds like a perfect way to unwind...


  4. "good times". Ha! Oh Cotton ... you are too cute! I so hope your week/month gets less stressful. Oh how I hate feeling stressed.

  5. can cotton come for cupcakes and the "beach" next weekend? or would that fall during witching hour?

  6. The only thing I inject into my face is pizza


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