Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween/Pageant Class/NaNoWriMo Eve

We won't be home tonight to hand out candy.  Wednesday nights are set aside for Cotton's "pageant prep class" as I like to call it.  I believe the real name for the class is Conformance Training.  We are quickly learning that the show dog world is quite different, so we are trying to prepare our little man as best as we can.

But when I mentioned where we would be this morning in a staff meeting, my brother replied with, "Oh... so you are one of THOSE dog parents..."

To which I replied, "It's for his own good.  If he doesn't win a Championship, then he doesn't get to keep his testicles."

And that pretty much ended the meeting.

However, it is true.  If Cotton doesn't win some accolades, he won't be deemed fit for breeding and then we will be required to get him neutered.  If he wins, he gets to be a stud.  That should be some good motivation for him.

So tonight we will turn our porch light off and go try to teach Cotton how to properly stand and run around in a circle.  My main goal is to teach him to take a treat from my fingers without trying to bite my hand off.  The kid acts like he's never been fed in his life.

But Taylor wanted to say, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!"

I want to dress the dogs in their costumes to take them to the class.  Phil says no.  We'll see who wins this battle.  :)

And tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo and my quest to write at least a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  Yesterday, I nervously e-mailed Ashley, kind of freaking out because I didn't really have any kind of a good idea or plot.  But by the end of the day, Ashley had sent me a couple of links and a little pep talk plus I was able to come up with a basic idea that I liked.  Freak out avoided.

This morning the idea kind of evolved.  I know have a plot, sub plot, and resolution all in mind.  And I think I have the main personality traits of my main character floating around in my head.  I should probably write all this stuff down before I sneeze and forget it.  So now I am just super excited for tomorrow and to start writing!

However, I'm guessing blog posts will be a little harder to come by during the month of November.  Partially because I will be trying to put approx. 2,000 words down a day for the novel.  And partially because last November was a little emotional/nerve wracking for me.  Unless you want several recaps about how much I can't believe that that was only a year ago blah blah blah.  Ok you'll probably still get one of those.  And I'm guessing it will be on Thanksgiving, since that is the anniversary of when I got my biopsy results.  But no one really reads blogs on Thanksgiving anyway.


My idea is to post some exerts from the novel during the month while I am writing it.  Is that super boring?  Not a good idea?  Or do you want to read parts of the book as they are coming out?  I won't be editing as I go (per NaNoWriMo rules), so it will be a little raw.  But it could be better than radio silence.  And it could definitely be better than the crap I am writing currently.  :)

So let me know what you think about that.  I will try to share my main plot either tomorrow or Friday.  If you're thinking it will be a fantasy vampire 50-shades kind of romance... you'd be totally correct.  Not.


  1. send as you write!

  2. haha this would be motivation for any man. in fact, that idea isn't half bad for humans...

  3. cool! Today is the first thing I've heard of this, and this is the second post I've read about it. I admire you...this is an awesome task!

  4. I love the challenge you're taking up, makes me want to write again :-) and yes, I would love to see what you come up with and thank god, no shades of twilight please ;-)

  5. I am so excited for tomorrow! Glad my links helped out (if only I could follow my own advice). I finally caved and told Andrew (husband) my ideas tonight and I'm feeling quite good about them. I so do not have the nerve to post parts of it as I go (or maybe I am just way too much of a perfectionist) but I think it's a great idea if you can do it!

  6. Dogs in costumes = never gets old. Even when I put the same costumes on them year after year!

  7. I should do the novel writing thing. Do I get to count the words I've already written? :)

  8. LOL at doggie pageant classes! For the sake of Cotton and his privates, I hope he wins! LOL!

    I could never do this NaNoWriMo thing. I have enough trouble blogging every few days as it is! I am disappointed by what your plot is NOT, though. :P


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