Monday, October 8, 2012

update update update

Thanks so much for your kinds words on Friday.

I got an update from Phil Friday afternoon.  It was the kind of update that required a phone call because there was a LOT of information.

It started with Phil telling me about the intern that was supposed to be helping him with part of his dissertation.  He quit.  That officially put him on my ish list.  Phil has spent so much time showing him how to do things and putting together a step-by-step procedure for him.  And then he quit.  I just LOVE that my husband ended up wasting time showing him how to do it and then he didn't even stick around long enough to actually do the task.

Then Phil told me about his dad.  Long story short, he will be starting chemo right away.  There is only one chemotherapy drug available for Liver Cancer and it is in oral form.  It has some different side effects compared to the more typical chemotherapy.  The main side effects are extreme fatigue (makes sense), some  stomach problems (no details needed), and sores on the palms of the hands and bottom of feet (which is really weird and sounds painful).

He'll start on half the normal dose and then have some tests done to make sure his heart and thyroid (hey I know that word) are functioning properly.  The medication is six week on, two weeks off.  And he should be just starting when we go visit them this month.

Hopefully he has an easier time with the specialty pharmacy than I did.

I was relaying this information to some of my friends this weekend to which they replied, "How does Phil handle all of this?" and then they started listing all the craziness that Phil has had to endure.  His brother dying.  Moving across country.  Dad with Cancer.  Wife with Cancer.  Finishing a PhD.

And he's not a huge jerk, totally stressed out, weigh 300 lbs, or addicted to anything.

It's more totally the opposite.  Once again, I am totally in awe of him.

I'm such a jerk, I didn't even make his coffee this morning.  Bad wife.

Phil and I agreed Friday was a FULL day.


  1. Oh gosh. Thinking of both of you during this tough time.

  2. i hate Phil's ex-intern. on principle. and i'm so sorry to hear about your FIL. for what it's worth, i'm fervently hoping that you guys and your extended family catch a freaking break sometime soon.

    also, how have i not followed your blog before now? huge oversight. i fixed it though. and now i'm follower #155. which pleases me greatly. because i j'adore fives.

  3. Oh man! I hope your FIL's treatment will be successful - those side effects sound horrible. :(

    Also, the ex-intern sucks!! Who does that!? o.O

  4. Oh my gosh! I lived in Portland, Oregon for five years and call VA home! I think that makes me an automatic lover of your blog! I'm your newest follower! :) Hope that you're ok.

  5. thinking of all of you during all this.
    let me know if another bbq outing needs to be planned.

  6. So sad to hear all this, keeping you in my thoughts over here. And Phil does sound amazing, a lot of people couldn't cope with all this!


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