Monday, October 1, 2012

I suck

I'm feeling pretty much like I suck today.

It could have something to do with the fact that I have a cold.  And you'd think after everything I have been through in the last year (fine needle aspiration, two surgeries, and a month of being hypothyroid) that I could handle a little cold.  But I am being such a huge baby about it.  It's even worse since I know that I really don't feel that bad.

I'm taking full credit for the fact that Shannon is no longer taking sponsor.  It totally is my fault.  I took my sweet dandy time getting back to her, which I'm sure she truly enjoyed.

And after looking at Jes' recap of the Color Run, I have realized I stand like a turtle.

Plus I realized this morning that I SUCK at turning in paperwork.  And it is costing me a lot of $$.

Example 1:  Phil and I got new glasses last summer and the glasses place wouldn't actually bill our insurance, but they did give us all the paperwork so we could do it ourselves.. I was double covered, so I would have gotten ALL of my money back.  But you only had a year to do it.  And I just didn't do it.  Awesome.

Example 2:  The rebate stuff for my contacts is sitting right by the bathroom at home.  Everything I need for the rebate: the form, the receipt, the prescription... everything.  Still haven't done it.

Example 3:  Phil and I had to cancel our trip to Georgia at Thanksgiving last year for obvious reasons (my neck biopsy and finding out I probably had cancer).  I had purchased travel insurance because I knew this was a possibility.  When we cancelled the trip last year, I got all of the paperwork together and filled out (including the physician's form) so we could get our money back.  But I never sent it in.  In my own defense, we could have used the tickets anytime before the beginning of September, so I was holding out hope we would be able to go on a trip.  But we never did.  I submitted that paperwork this morning.

UGH... I HATE when your own personal faults smack you right in the face.  My inability to pay bills and turn in paperwork is really beginning to annoy me.  It is definitely something I am going to change.

Man I suck.


  1. I feel your pain. We all go through phases of life where we feel like we suck! :) Good for you for putting it out there. Things will turn around for you.

  2. you stand like a turtle? i am not aware of this. but your observation made me laugh.

  3. After my wedding I had a year to submit for a new "free" passport with my new last name on it... I think you know perhaps how this turned out? ALSO you're really really good at a lot of other things. I'm certain of that!


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