Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures at the Dog Park... AGAIN

Now that Cotton is fully vaccinated (and no one can pester me about Parvo anymore), we decided to take our doggies to the Dog Park.  We've had some interesting trips to the dark park (see HERE and HERE).  And this trip did NOT disappoint.

It started off all innocent and cute.  Cotton was playing with some dogs, which he was VERY excited about if you catch my drift.  But then things must have gotten scary because while he was on his back, his little pink parts went away and he peed all over himself.

He's a puppy genius.

Then, it took a turn for the weird when a seemingly normal thirty-something man walked over to us and decided to show us how cool it was that he could have his giant dog run full speed at us from across the park.

After that he began asking seemingly innocent questions about Cotton.

What kind of dog is he?

How old is he?

Then they turned slightly offensive.

Brittany's are pretty high energy, did you guys have any idea what you were getting yourselves into?

Since Brittany's are a hunting dog, it's basically a travesty to not hunt with them.  Are you going to hunt with him?

Phil then explained that once he finished his degree, he planned on trying to teach him to hunt.

Oh yeah a degree.  I have one of those.  My degree is in Biochemistry.

Like we were supposed to be super impressed by that.

Then we explained that we had done research and we liked a lot of the characteristics Brittany's had.  Such as they are easy to train, excellent family dogs, great around children.  And they have lots of energy.  We wanted a dog with some energy.

Buying a pure-breed is really a stupid thing to do.  Was he expensive?

The problem with pure-breeds is that they are all inbred and therefore quite stupid.

After I tried to explain that Cotton wasn't inbred (we have the lineage papers to prove it) I got...

No.  They are all inbred.  That's how breeding works.  I know these things.  I have a biochemistry degree.

He's not all Brittany anyway.  He must have another breed in there too.  He doesn't look enough like a Brittany.


After he finished bashing Cotton, he turned his sights to Taylor.

Did you realize when you adopted her that you were getting a pit bull?  That's a pretty White Trash thing to adopt.

Have you had any problems with her being violent?


I don't need to defend Taylor.  She's pretty much the best dog ever.  I told her she is never allowed to die.

He also explained that he bought his dog out of the back of a van for $50.  And his dog was so sick and flea-covered that he had to spend a ton of money getting him healthy again.  But we are White Trash for doing research about our dog and going through a breeder that did this breeding for her own pet?  Ok... I see that logic.

Sadly, I know there are several other things he said that I left out.

Thankfully at this point, the dogs were both VERY tired and we had every excuse to head home.

The dogs had a great time.  We were only extremely offended.

At least I didn't get fondled this time.


  1. um EW. this is why chris refuses to go to the dog park with me. he says there are always a bunch of weirdos.

    and i can vouch. taylor is definitely the sweetest dog in the world. just don't tell sharkie i said that.

  2. I was just having a conversation with our puppy trainer last night about buying a dog vs adopting one, and telling her we have been getting hell for the fact that we "bought" him from a breeder. She is 100% that people should get dogs from breeders. They are healthy and you know everything about them before hand. I tell people we adopted him now. Hey, he was born and he needed to go to a good home, our "adoption fee" was just a little steeper.

  3. What in the HELL. You have the worst dog park luck! I don't think I would have been as calm as you were. There would have been a fight instigated by me.

  4. People at the dog park can be kinda freaky! I never go without my husband :S

  5. I think some people get a dog just so they can use it to meet people, because otherwise they are socially awkward and have trouble making friends. The problem is that, although a dog gives a person a chance to be more social, it does not make a person any less of a socially awkward a-hole.

  6. Uhhhh. That is just so odd. And weird. And just...gross. I wouldn't be able to keep from laughing at this man's antics. It makes for a great blog post, right? Oy.

  7. Wow, that man was really rude! :O

    Pity Taylor ISN'T a scary and violent dog! You could have trained her to eat Mr. Rude Comments for lunch! :P

    I guess some people just have no ability to filter their thoughts and think about what kind of things are appropriate to say to people you don't even know (or to anyone!) and which aren't! :S


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