Monday, October 29, 2012

Puppy Days

It seems that Cotton has discovered his puppy-ness lately.  Overall, he is a pretty good puppy.  He really hasn't destroyed anything.  He hasn't been much of a hellion.  He's learning to listen.  Has stopped biting (at least biting me).  And he is still pretty snuggly.

He's also developed some new skills as of late:

-  Discovering he is tall enough to drink out of the toilet.

-  Losing 4 teeth in one day.

-  Sitting on Taylor's butt.

Plus one of his canine teeth is coming in before the baby tooth has fallen out.  And the baby tooth is solidly in there.  Apparently in the show dog world that is a big NO-NO.  It can sometimes really mess up their bite (so we hear).  So today, Phil gets to call the vet and get his recommendation.  The likely scenario... Cotton will have to go in to have his tooth pulled.  :(


Good things he's so cute.


  1. aww what a cutie! our puppy is teething (ahem, so biting us a lot)...he's lost a few big ones that we found on the carpet. hopefully Cotton's tooth falls out on it's own!

  2. I absolutely love your dogs!! They crack me up! :)

  3. i have a bag of sharkies baby teeth somewhere....
    i should probably locate those.
    and then hide them.

  4. oh drinking from the toilet and 4 teeth in one day, this sounds like more work than my girls! good thing he's so cute!

  5. That picture is frameworthy. We dogsit a pitbull that does that to her sister all the time, it cracks me up :)

  6. Ah! {Puppy Teeth! My Shih Tzu/Poodle had TEN PULLED! Talk about Kaching kaching!
    Good luck!
    You're puppies are super cute!

  7. LOL! That photo is priceless! I hope he doesn't have to have too many teeth pulled out! :O

  8. Taylor looks so patient with him. So cute!

  9. So dog-shaming makes you feel like a normal dog owner eh?

  10. Was Cotten biting a lot as a puppy? I just recently got my first puppy a few weeks ago and we've been going through the biting thing too. I've tried everything to try to get it to stop but have yet to be successful! Any tips or did he just grow out of it? (: By the way, he's gorgeous!

    1. Oh. My. Gosh. The biting was HORRIBLE!! I swear he was trying to bite off my toes, ankles, fingers, anything. I think he bit my nose once. We broke him of it with a spray bottle and water (similar to what people use for a cat). He didn't like being sprayed in the face, so he learned pretty quickly to stop biting. He still "mouths" but it is extremely gentle and playful.


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