Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jeffrey's Life Plan (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago, Phil and I went to dinner with my parents and Jeffrey.

On our way home, Jeffrey asked me a totally random question (which isn't unusual for a 9 year-old I suppose):

"Nat, what do you think of the name Jade?"

After a couple of years of trying to have a baby, we've talked a little ad nosium about baby names.  So much so that names that I LOVED when we first started, I now can't stands.  But I'm a little opposed to most jewel names, just in general.  They either sound like a stripper (thank you The Hangover) or an old lady.

Examples:  Crystal and Pearl

So I shared these feelings with Jeffrey and then asked him why he was asking me this.

He replied, "It's going to be the name of one of my daughters."

See... he's planning to have 6 kids with his future wife (for which he is currently on the look out for.  Watch out 3rd grade girls).

The other names he has picked out are Jayden (so there will be a Jade and Jayden), Cayden, and Josh.

He also thinks he could go for the name Hayley, since there is a girl in his class that he thinks is cute.

I informed him that telling his future wife that he wanted to name one of his daughters after a girl he found cute probably wouldn't go over well.  Call me crazy.

I also asked him if his wife got any say in the names of their children.  He'd already thought of that.  His plan is to ask any girl he dates once they hit the 6 month mark either what she thinks of the baby names he's picked out, or what she would choose for their possible 6 future children.  I'm guessing if she doesn't agree with his, it's a deal breaker.

Phil informed Jeffrey that by the time he starts dating, that conversation will at the very least freak himself out, let alone the girl.

At least Jeffrey's got life figured out.  Hopefully his future wife can get on board.


  1. Seriously I read this and it's completely darling! It amazes me what kids come up with!!! Thanks for sharing it totally made my day!!!

  2. Hahaha how cute! I love the funny things that kids say.

  3. So sweet! it's amazing what kids think and talk about, i love their way of thinking :-) seems like a bright and sensible kid, i like those :-)

  4. LOL! Cute! I have no idea what I wanted to name my children when I was a kid. :P


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