Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6 months out!

Today I am 6 months out from the day I swallowed some poison known as Radioactive Iodine and stayed in my Dexter Room.

In a way, it feels like it was longer than 6 months ago.  But then it feels like it was just a couple of months ago too.  (I blame having to have ANOTHER scan and tests done for that one.)  Memories of chugging as much water as my stomach could handle, peeing at least over 2 hours, and then flushing the toilet a bajillion times just stick with you.

Plus the whole warning of "DON'T TOUCH ANYONE OR ANYTHING AND ESPECIALLY STAY AWAY FROM PREGNANT WOMEN AND BABIES" and as well the gentle reminder that I would need a note to go to the airport or I would set off their alarms kind of freaked me out.

I feel like I am entering a strange season right now.  It is so easy to remember back to a year ago, when everything was just starting.  This time last year, I was taking Synthroid in the hopes that my nodules would shrink, not knowing what the next year would bring.

It took the almost the entire month of November for my endo to finally do my biopsy that I had wanted in August.  Thanksgiving this year is the anniversary of when I got my biopsy results.  November 22nd.  And that was probably the worst Thanksgiving I have ever had (and hopefully it will always be the worst).

I pretty much wished December and Christmas away so I could get my first surgery over with.  I spent New Years praying my pathology results would come back benign.  And then 9 days later, found out I really did have cancer.

It amazes me how much has happened and how different things are now to how they were a year or even 6 months ago.  I mentioned that the other day and my sister jokingly replied with, "Oh get over it.  It's in the past."  It wasn't funny.

When you are in the middle of something big, it is hard to see just how huge it really is.  And I don't think it has hit me until now just how much crap Phil and I went through during the last year.  I know some people brush it off because it is "just" thyroid cancer.  But people die from thyroid cancer.  The fact that we went through it, came out stronger, and will most likely be ok... I don't know I guess it is just sinking in for me.

I have a feeling this holiday season is going to be a very different one for me.  And Thanksgiving will have a WHOLE new meaning.


  1. Happy 6 months out!!!! I am soo happy you survived your thyroid cancer and are sharing your story!! Thanks to reading your blog and being recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism (which I get are far from the same) but I actually had a clue about what they were talking about!

  2. wow that hospital room is scary looking. i can't believe she said that to you (sorry i missed it in your earlier post). you don't just get over the fact that you had cancer. i think when you're living something like that you are just in deal with each day mode and it's when you look back that you feel the enormity of the situation. so glad that this holiday season is going to be so much better!

  3. Congrats! I'm sure this Thanksgiving will be so great for you and you will appreciate more than ever!!

  4. Happy 6 months! I would go completely stir crazy in that room, did you?

  5. Sorry Natalie, I really was just joking... I love you very much and will always be here to support you through whatever life brings. Sorry again for offending you. Congratulations on being six months out! I hope that length of time just keeps growing.

  6. Happy 6 months! I was going to say congratulations, but I wasn't sure if that was quit right...!
    I remember you posting about the Dexter Room! That was crazy!

  7. YAY! Happy 6 months! And that room? That room is total Dexter.

  8. Hope you're doing ok. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. 6 months is a great milestone. I feel awful reading about how tough your last year was, and I'm so glad that this years holidays will be different for you! xo


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