Monday, November 21, 2011

4th times a charm...

I anxiously awaited Friday morning for my biopsy appointment.  Every time my phone rang, moved, hummed, etc. my heart would beat a little faster.  However, by 11:30, I had heard nothing from the endo office, so my mom and I set off so I could get poked.

I go to the front desk of the office to check-in for my appointment.  The receptionist says, "I don't see you on the schedule for today.  You can go talk to the doctor's scheduler."

Ok... Don't panic.  It is probably a mistake.

I walk up to the doctor's scheduler.  Here's how that went:

Me:  I am here for my appointment at noon.

Scheduler:  Well I don't see you on the schedule.

Me:  [blank stare]

Scheduler:  I have you on the schedule for November 30th.

Me:  [Trying to stay calm] No.  You called me on Monday and said you could see me on Friday at noon.

Scheduler:  Ok... Well it isn't in the schedule...

Me:  [Deep breathing and more blank staring]

Scheduler:  I remember talking to you.  I remember emailing the doctor.  I remember putting it into the schedule, but now I can't find it on the schedule.

Me:  [Thinking to myself, "This can't be happening."  I was about ready to tell her I wasn't leaving the office today without getting the biopsy done.]

Scheduler:  She has a lunch meeting.

I bet she does.

Scheduler:  I can see if I can cancel that.  Did you take off work for this?

What does that matter?

Me:  Yes.  I can come back at one.

Scheduler:  [Excited] Oh can you come back at one?  That would be great!

Me:  Yeah.  So am I DEFINITELY on for one?

Scheduler:  Yes.

Can you believe that?!?!  Only I have this kind of luck.

So I walked out to my mom and told her we needed to leave and she about lost it.

Mom:  WHAT?!?!  You've got to be kidding me!!  This place is RIDICULOUS!!!

Gotta love my mom.

My mom and I went and got a small bite to eat and then went back.  I didn't have to wait very long and the biopsy began.  I had both nodules biopsied which meant 12 needle pokes in the neck.

But honestly... it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Not that is was pleasant, but I think it could have been worse.  The worst part was the last draw of the first nodule when the doctor said to her nurse, "Can you get me the longer needle?"  Not something you like to hear.  And that draw felt WEIRD.

My neck was pretty sore afterwards and still is.  But hopefully it will be the last time I have to have my neck poked at .

Now I just have to not drive myself (and Phil) nuts waiting for the results.

Keep praying for BENIGN results.

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  1. So glad you got it over with! I'm with your mom (and you), what is up with that office?? Am praying for benign results and your sanity while you wait :)


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