Friday, November 11, 2011

Lumberjack Harry Potter (Can we say RANDOM?)

I am thinking this week is going to end up an up-note.

Yesterday, I wore this shirt:

It was so stinking comfortable, I kind of want to live in it.  I also wore it with an Old Navy fleece vest and jeans, which basically made me look like a Lumberjack.  Except I wore slippers.  And I am pretty sure Lumberjacks don't wear Ugg Slippers.

I know what you are thinking: "Slippers to work? Not very professional."  You are right.  However, slippers are exponentially more professional than the sweatpants, I felt like wearing.  So I count it as a win.

I had decided earlier in the week that if I hadn't heard about my biopsy or I had heard bad news regarding the results of the biopsy, I would allow myself to go purchase the last Harry Potter movie (rather than try to put it on my Christmas List).  Since I didn't even have to stinkin' biopsy, I most definitely won't be hearing the results which means I get to buy Harry Potter.  Silver lining, people.

I went to Target on my lunchbreak to get my movie.  As I stroll up to the DVD stand, there is a woman deciding between one of the four different Harry Potter DVDs (DVD, Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray DVD combo, Blu-Ray DVD combo with extra features).  I was just going to get the Blu-Ray DVD combo and be on my merry way.  BUT... the lady grabbed the LAST ONE.  Of course she did.  I just started laughing (and looked like a total looney-tune).

I was talking to Phil on the phone when all of this happened.  He told me to spend the extra $5 and get the more expensive one with the extra features.  His rationale was that $5 easier to part with than my mental breakdown would have been to deal with.

Smart Man.

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