Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could share my stories about work...

...Like the time a neighbor to our project suggested we use a bunch of poisonous plants in our apartment complex because they were native (poison oak is technically native but that doesn't mean I am going to plant it in my garden).

...Or the time I went to a neighborhood meeting for an apartment complex where the neighbors talked about how renters were all pedophiles, white trash, or perverts (personal offense since I am a renter and I am pretty sure perverts can own property too.  What is this, 1790?  You are only worth something if you are a property owner?).

...Or the other day when one of my employees said we would be more successful if only we worked harder (Um... first of all I am an owner.  Secondly, no one works harder than my dad.  Third, he was standing by the coffee pot, shooting the breeze when he said that.).

...Or the time a woman told my dad he was ruining her life because of a project we were doing (and we totally were not by the way).

...The kitchen duty can disappearance (Sound dumb?  It was kind of ridiculous).

But it probably wouldn't be totally appropriate to put those details on the internet.  But like I have said in the past, engineering isn't always boring.

1 comment:

  1. haha. these are great!

    there are SO many things I wish I could blog about too...

    love the poisonous plant suggestion. hahha


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