Friday, November 11, 2011

Apparently I'm autistic

Phil sent me a copy of an article he found in Nature called "When Geeks Meet." 

It is a theory by a psychologist named Simon Baron-Cohen which says that when scientists and engineers meet and procreate, they are essentially guaranteeing that their children will be autistic.  Here's the basic premise:

Scientists and engineers are basically all mildly autistic.  Our abilities to think about how things work and our inability to communicate are trademarks for autism.  And since both parents have mild cases of autism, they are combining their physics minded, lack of communication, freak genes to form an autistic child.

Now I have to admit... I didn't read the entire article.  I got to the middle of the second page and I was PISSED!  I mean, this guy's theory has absolutely nothing other than conjecture to back it up.  But the fact that he labels most scientists and engineers as mildly autistic is dumb.  Personally, I think the label of "autistic" is too liberally applied.  It seems like anyone who doesn't fit the classic mold of a "normal" child is determined to have "something" wrong with them and is labeled autistic.  And I think that takes away from those who are really autistic.

Are engineers social awkward?  Of course!  Just look at me.  :)  But here is the difference... if you put a bunch of engineers or scientists together in a room (especially with a little alcohol), they are no longer socially awkward.  That's why we have so many conventions.


Rant Over.

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  1. The people with autism can make a complicated items and duplicate them endless times while INTP's never do things more then once...


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