Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Results are in...

Last Tuesday right before 5, I got a call from the endo's office.  They wanted me to come in.  They offered to see me that night (after the office had closed) or the next morning.  I wanted to go immediately.

I was still at the office at that time and the doctor's office is literally 5 minutes from here.  I didn't want to go alone and thankfully my dad was right next to me when they had called (another unwritten perk of working with your family).

So my dad and I loaded up and head over.  The doctor walks in and before she even closes the door, she says, "I don't have good news for you."

Biopsy results came back as suspicious for follicular neoplasm which basically means I most likely have follicular thyroid cancer.  The only way to know for sure is to take out my thyroid surgically and look at the actual tissue.

I don't really feel like getting into a bunch of the details.  But here are the main points:

-  I am being referred to a surgeon up at OHSU.  I have my consultation with her next week.

-  I will need to have a chest scan done to make sure it hasn't spread.  It is a really slow growing cancer so it isn't likely it has spread, but obviously they need to check.

-  If it comes back as cancer after the surgery, I will have to do radioactive iodine and then take monster amounts of thyroid supplements for the rest of my life (no big deal, every woman in my family takes those anyway so it was inevitable).

So that is that.  Needless to say, it made for an interesting Thanksgiving.

I know thyroid cancer like this is super curable and most likely everything will be totally fine, but it still is never fun to hear the word "cancer" especially when it is directed towards you. 

I have slowly told some people around me about my news.  My family knows.  Some of my friends know.  And the good thing is that I have heard from a bunch of people who are praying for me and have offered their help and support in whatever way I need.  And that was definitely something to be thankful for.

I greatly appreciate all of the prayers and support.  Keep them coming!  I will take them.  :)  Even if I haven't responded to you or if maybe I don't right away in the future, it isn't because I don't appreciate your support.  I am just doing my best to handle this kind of crappy news.


  1. love reading your blog, and i will be praying for you

  2. Praying friend -- please let me know how I can best help in any way. Even if it means just a slow leisurely walk...those are my favorite any way. Hugs to you

  3. I have been stalking your blog hoping for a good report... my heart sank when I read the news. Am keeping you in my prayers!

  4. Follicular neoplasm has 20% chance to be cancer NOT 50%; be sure to ask for a second opinion before jumping on the table.


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