Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's try this again...

{I just thought this post needed a picture. 
This is the Big Island, Hawaii taken by me during our helicopter tour.}

The endo office called me Monday morning and said the doctor was willing to give up her lunch break to do my biopsy on Friday (today).

I was so relieved.

First of all, I was relieved I wouldn't have to call and be all aggressive with them to get a sooner appointment because that is what I was going to do.  I was going to call.  Everyday.  Until they get me in.  And while I am sure there are several people in the world that think I would be totally at home being a bis-natch, I was really not looking forward to it.  Plus it helped restore some faith in the whole medical system for me (I was starting to feel like doctors and medical staff had forgotten what it was like to be a patient).

However, I have had a really hard time believing that the appointment would actually happen.  And while I know the likelihood of the doctor cancelling a second time on me is slim, it is still possible.

And I am having a much harder time being in a zen-like place about the biopsy this time.  I think I used all of my coping mechanisms last week.  I am not that anxious about the actual biopsy, even though I know it can't be that pleasant of an experience.  I am no stranger to shots/needles (dentist, dermatologist, etc.).  I had surgery done on my toes (my baby toes lay across my other toes) about 4 years ago (right before Phil and I started dating) and I didn't want to go under general anesthesia, so they did the surgery with me awake which means they used a CRAP-LOAD of local, injected right into both feet.  And there is nothing more painful (in my limited experience) than getting shots in the foot.

So anyway, wish me luck today.  And since I really don't want cancer, if you could send me your prayers again I would really appreciate it.  I know prayers were sent my way last week and I think it made a big difference in my anxiety levels.  Thank you so much.

I will let you know how it goes.  Phil and I are planning to go see the movie Jack and Jill tonight as a light-hearted distraction.  I hope it works.  :)


  1. Praying again friend - hoping that all goes well, that you're at peace during the biopsy and that the movie helps distract for a bit (my mom saw it last week and thought it was very cute & funny!). Will wait to hear how things turn out!
    In Him
    anna :)


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