Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

Friday afternoon was rough for Phil.  His dad was having another procedure (using a hot needle from outside of his body) for his liver tumors and it had some complications we weren't anticipating.  It had Phil's mom pretty upset and thanks to bad cell phone reception, at one point Phil thought his dad may have died.  Thankfully that wasn't the case.  But as you can imagine, it was emotionally taxing for Phil.  Even after that got cleared up, there could have been additional complications we were worried about.  His dad didn't have any additional complications and got to go home Saturday.  YAY!

I decided we needed a low-key Friday night to help Phil relax.  We headed to Red Robin for dinner.  Did you know you can order their burgers on lettuce rather than a bun? 

I didn't know that.  I decided I would give it a try (not for health reasons but because I wanted to eat more fries and not feel guilty about it) and it was DELICIOUS!!  Seriously never order a burger on a bun there again.

Then we headed home and played Hand and Foot while eating Teddy Grahams dipped Strawberry Cream Cheese and spiced Apple Cider.  Yes we are 80 years old.

Sunday, we went to a harvest fest at the Willamette Valley Fruit Company with my parents, Nick and Steph and the little boys.  It was really cute to watch them run around.  We attempted to do the corn maze as a family, but my mom and Jake weren't having it.  So Nick, Phil and I did it ourselves. 

It took us about 45 minutes to do the intermediate difficulty but that was mostly because it was REALLY muddy.  My shoes didn't have the best traction.  I was better off skating than trying to walk.  I may have fell down 3 times.  At least once on my butt.

Here are some pics of the boys:

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