Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PDD - Public Display of Disgusting

After my endo appointment yesterday, Phil was nice enough to take me out to lunch.  We went to Hawaiian Time because it is the closest thing to Local Boyz we have outside of Corvallis.

By the time we got there, the lunch time rush was in full swing so we took our place in the back of the line.  We get in line behind an older couple.  They were probably in their mid-fifties.  The man was sporty the ever stylish skullet (bald on top with long flowing locks in the back) while his girlfriend had hair so long it would have put a fundamentalist christian to shame.  First of all, hair longer than the small of your back is so disgusting.  This lady's hair was PAST her butt.  But what made it even worse was the fact that skullet man was running both of his hands through her hair the ENTIRE TIME we were in line.  They stopped for a couple of minutes to make-out.  But then he went right back to playing with her hair.

And I have to be honest... I am not a good liar.  It was probably written all over my face that I was horribly disgusted by the human hair combing going on.  If it wasn't apparant on my face, my body language probably spoke volumes.  I think I have a good four or five feet in between them and me.

I kind of wanted to barf.  If I hadn't been so hungry I would have completely lost my appetite.  We got our food to go.

SIDE NOTE:  One of my physics professors at Oregon State also sported the skullet.  He kept his tied back into a pony-tail.  One time before lecture started, he took his pony-tail out and shake out his locks, all slow motion style.  I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed and no one had.  Lucky for them.  It is forever etched into my brain.

Note to all mankind:  We are not monkeys.  Please don't comb someone elses hair in a place where my food is being prepared/people are eating.  It is weird.

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