Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scenes of Late

Here's a random collection of scenes over the last few days.  You're welcome in advance.

Since the Beaver game was on a channel that we poor people don't get, we were forced to venture out into the world to watch my beloved Beavers go 3-0.  Where's the best place to do that?  Buffalo Wild Wings, of course.  Have you had their soft pretzels?  SO GOOD!!!

Unfortunately the Duck game was also on that night (although it was on ESPN), so there happens to be a fair bit of green and yellow in that picture.  And per the usual Duck fan behavior protocol... they were grade A jerk-faces.

Cotton managed to get himself smelling especially stinky, so he got a bath.  And since Taylor is a jerk and  enjoys watching him get tortured (even though getting a bath is her second least favorite thing immediately after getting her temperature taken), she sat in the bathroom and watched the entire thing.  Then she was confused when she didn't get a treat.  What's a good way to remedy this so she gets a treat?  Taylor gets a bath too!!  And this time, Cotton watched.

Turn about's fair play, Miss Taylor.

And I thought this was the cutest thing ever:

He's already got a thing for the "Ladies"... Get it?  It's Lady and the Tramp.  Man I am funny.

And finally, I now brew my own personal coffee at work.

My mini french press that I've had since probably college.  It's amazing what you find when you clean out your cupboards.


  1. That picture of Cotton watching Lady and the Tramp is so cute!

  2. Cotton watching Lady and the Tramp is just cute beyond words, how sweet! Do they bark when they hear other dogs on the TV? Ours does, which is so hilarious. You see that little head going up and looking around and away we go :-)

  3. soulmates! sharks was watching lady and the tramp too. but we all know he has a thing for the tramp.

  4. O...M...G! That is too funny that Jes said the same thing, but my Boston Terrier was watching Lady and the Tramp too! I was super excited it was on. It was my favorite movie when I was little and I've been dying to see it.


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